Blue Indigo


This last Saturday I went to a psychic fair. There was a machine called Aura Video Station 7.0. I had heard about people being able to see Auras, but was skeptical if a machine could read an Aura. The machine told me I was a Blue Indigo Child.

All I did was put my hand on some silver buttons, and close my eyes. I will only be convinced that the machine was right if I try it again, and get the same results.

It is true that I was a strange child, but I wasn’t hyperaware of people around me. At times in my life I have wondered if I am autistic because I am such an extreme introvert. As a child I was too busy daydreaming to look at the world around me.

I do have some of the qualities of a Blue Indigo. As a child I remember thinking, What was wrong with me. Why am I not like the other kids.

Teachers recommended I be tested, but my parents refused.

I am off to research the Aura Video Station online,


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