The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-Attunement

Hello Readers,

I picked up the book, ‘The Reiki Magic Guild to Self-Attunement,’ a while ago. The author, Brett Bevell, visited a new age book store in the area. I was late to the signing, but ended up buying his first book. This was not the book he was promoting, but he said this one was the more traditional book.

I only just started the book, but have gotten to the first Self-Attunement. My plan tomorrow is to self-attune, but I am a little worried. In the book it says that my vibration will raise, I might start to eat differently, and I might start to hang out with new people…. among other things.

I am worried all these changes could effect my writing. If my vibration gets too high, won’t I become harder for lower vibrational people to relate to?

I realize that my blog attracts higher vibrational people. I have a feeling a great many of my readers are of a higher vibration then me.

Why am I taking this path towards a higher vibration? The current reason is that I want to get well. For 7-8 years (I forget exactly how long), I have been seeing Doctors for my Schizoaffective Bipolar. Yet, I am not well. I have gotten better, but progress has leveled out.

My problems all fall into areas that science doesn’t understand. So I am turning to other options. My brother would think I was crazy if he knew I brought crystals to heal sleep. He even believes Chiropractors are “witch doctors.” Little does he know that I would gladly see a real witch doctor. They are just a little hard to find.




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