Over saturation

Often when browsing the web I get this feeling that I wish I could read two things at once. It is actually a blessing to be able to have so many books, but overwhelming at the same time. I am free of college now, but it seems I cannot let go of educational books. The education is now about Reiki, and things of my own choosing. I am a slow reader, but have excellent comprehension.

I have a job that often requires sitting at a computer waiting for questions. Years ago, I spent even more work time waiting. To pass the time I decided to read every one of Laura Bruno’s posts (which I failed at). I would visit lots of other websites first, but often ended up with lots of time to check Laura’s blog. Despite my good comprehension, now, I do not remember much of what I read.

At the time, some of her posts inspired me so much that I wrote long comments. I felt bad that my comments often centered on my own experiences, when I was just a visiter to the website, so I started this blog.

I no longer read all Laura’s posts… in fact I hardly read them anymore, but I learned much.

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