A walk in the sun

As I walked home from work today, I couldn’t put my finger on the temperature. At first I could see my breath, but it didn’t feel cold at all. The rain had left the road wet so the sun reflected off of it. It looked shinier then a lake, because there was no reflection to get lost in, and all the light was being reflected. As I came to a corner, seeing the bright road, I started to think about light at the end of the tunnel.

The light reminded me of the Near Death Experiences, Past Life Regression, and In-Between Life Regression I have been reading about, which I find comforting. I used to worry that I was dead, because I tried to kill myself. I feared life was a delusion I made up because I couldn’t admit the choice I had made. Reading about NDE’s makes me realize that, if I were dead, I would know it.

I believe I have talked to you about this before, but I have come a long way even since then. Before, there were days when I was absolutely convinced I was dead, and everyone was lying to me. I was grumpy those days.

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