Ringing of crystals

I have a constant ringing in my ear. (I wonder at times if ears could react to cell phone signals.) Now that I have gemstones/crystals in my pillowcase I sometimes think the ringing is louder at night. At other times the ringing has a slightly different pattern.

Am I imagining this? The difference is slight. So very slight…

I want to believe in crystals, and the possibility of them helping me. Yet, I cannot, but help to feel a fool.

If there is one thing that Catholic school taught me (other then to be jealous of saints) it is spirituality. You know, they say that science is the ‘how’ of creation, while religion is the ‘why.’ It was perfectly fine to write a science paper, and then talk to angels in your head (pray). Yet, when your spirituality begins to walk outside of the norm this symbiotic relationship is harder to maintain.

Buying crystals and putting them under my pillow is an act of faith. Buying a rosary and putting it under my pillow is easier. A great many people would say I was crazy to believe in crystals healing, but far less people would say that of a rosary.

I am still without a religion.

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