Nearly a year of Intermittent Fasting

Hello World,

Things are quiet again. Now as my new roommate is a bit of a partier it is not always quiet here anymore. I went on a 9.4 mile walk today, which I felt it was longer because I felt I walked a greater distance than the day I walked 10.4 miles.

Several months ago, I twisted my ankle. When I did my first worry was that I might have broken something. It was that big of a twist. However must indications were that it was not a break (based on the online research I did.) It took a long time to recover, and now on days when I walk 9 or 10 miles afterwards I can feel that ankle as slightly sore. I also feel it when doing yoga that flexes the ankle.

I think I am past the rest and elevate stage of recovery and into the exercise and flex stage of recovery. I think I might have actually seen a doctor if the general recommendation wasn’t to stay away from medical centers for the time being. I think it is overall a good sign that I can walk 10 miles without pain. I just might avoid running/dancing for the time being.

September being my birthday month, I have not been as strict with fasting. The number of carbs that I eat has gone up this month, but thankfully weight loss from Intermittent Fasting doesn’t react like a yo-yo diet. As soon as I get my discipline back up I might try 24 hour fasting for a while. 24 hour fasting is actually 23 hour fasting with a one hour eating window. Often known as OMAD.

I have been very successful with Intermittent Fasting yet, the weight isn’t dropping as quickly as I would like at times. Yet, last time I thought I had stalled on weight loss it turned out to be water weight and I lost 4 lbs in a week.

Honestly, I do better with fasting when I am eating meat. Yet, now I only eat meat once or twice a month. When you are mostly vegetarian protein often comes from sources high in carbs. Intermittent Fasting often mixes well with high healthy fat, low carb diets.

So yeah, I lose weight more slowly and find fasting longer periods a little harder now that I am avoiding most meat. This September my intake of carbs also increased because, while I have studied the keto diet, I try for ease of healthy eating.

I realized that when I was working it was easier to do the long fasting. If I had a shift until 9pm or later I didn’t eat all day until I was home. I’d maybe just have coffee in the morning and water throughout the day. Yet, now like clockwork at 5pm I want dinner. Somedays I only make it to 2pm because I am on a walk and want something other than plain coffee or tea at a coffee shop I am passing.

I didn’t start Intermittent Fasting until around last October, but I started dieting Monday, September 23, 2019. I remember that time well. A sister who lives in California was visiting and we talked a long time about my diet goals and how long the app said it would take for me to lose the weight.

In a years time I have lost 43.6 lbs, while my motivation is down this month, I actually do enjoy Intermittent Fasting. It has become more of a lifestyle than diet.

I addressed this topic in an Instagram post.

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I am on a journey of weight loss. I am still not at the goal my Doctor set for me so many years ago. When my Doctor asked me to diet until I was the ideal body weight for my height, my solution was to change Doctors. I had successfully lost 20lbs, but gained it all back in two weeks! I didn't want to face him having failed the diet. Last September I discovered that using a diet of Intermittent Fasting and/or OMaD worked for me. It enables me to focus on having a quality dinner and skip the efforts of breakfast/lunch. If I am out with friends and they want breakfast I can always skip fasting for the day and just start again the next day. They say to pick a diet that you can turn into a lifestyle. I am no longer on a diet, I just have a lifestyle of Intermittent Fasting. I am a little over halfway to my goal weight. I have been told that reaching one's goal weight can be a bit of a disappointment. A lot of people reach their goal weight only to discover they still feel like the same person. The dieting industry puts much pressure on heavier set body types and glorifies the before and after losing weight photo. So I picked a before photo of me smiling at Yosemite National Park. I was healthy before (despite Doctors telling me to lose weight). I could hike just fine. I am still healthy now even if I suspect my Doctor will be happier and stop blaming every health issue I have on my weight. Here is a secret from a nurse I know: If your Doctor blames your health issue on a weight problem ask them to run the same tests that they would if a skinny person had the issue. These two photos, honestly I felt like me in both of them. Sure in the newer one I was happy to fit into a size small unisex T-shirt designed by a local artist. I do feel I look better in photos so am taking more selfies, but a part of me doesn't want to feed the body shaming industry. I didn't feel bigger when I weighed more. The essence of me was the same. Honestly even if I took selfies at a higher angle before, I looked good in them.

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I need to get ready to sleep. I think I should wear that T-shirt again soon. It is a good one.

Good night!


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