Shall We Write?

Here begins the dance of letters on the screen. The possibility of being interrupted as the band’s strings quiet a moment and the flow must cease is about middle high. The tension hums in the air as one might want to get lost in the writing knowing of the inevitable and sharply abrupt end to the flow is possible.

To let go of the anxiety in dance in the waters of the river. Don’t you feel it? It is said that you never can step in the same river twice for the waters will flow. The river of the moment flows around you and the tune slowly picks up. The moment asks you to dance with your fingers across the keyboard. The keys drumming the slow and wavering beat. When the water runs fast through the rapids of thought the drum quickens. As you stop to search for the correct word the drumming waits for the next strike.

And so the words do dance from the mind to the screen and the rhythm of writing exists for the moment. What is this moment captured in word? How do the letters form together and swim the current like dolphins at play? What am I saying and what am I trying to say? Why do I continue the process of writing knowing not yet the purpose except the purpose to play? Wondering how the flow is sounding as this moment cements into letters of the past. Only for a second does each letter exist in the time of now and when it is read by another they are readings someone else’s interpretation of the past. Yet the moment is so much more full than a single letter can hold.

The character in a story exists in the space between the words. The drum would not be a rhythm without the silence between the beats. So much potential in the possibility of which word will follow. The topic is almost irrelevant when the letters flow like a song. So of what should I write?

There are so many possible topics all muddled with must. Someone could worry up a storm and these storms are more often spoken about than actually come into existence. Yet, in the worry, the storm does exist, if only for the emotions. There is much that is written which does not come to pass. Existing in the past a frozen thought on the page.

When you are asked to dance do you dance or worry about the songs end? Are you able to get your mind out of the pages of possible pasts, possible happenings, and step into the river that you can only step in now? For this river only exists now through the river goes on forever.

I invite you to write instead of reading. To dance with the letters of the moment that will never hold the same meaning again as they did when you wrote them. I invite you to be the dolphin in the river of time, who jumps without fear as the water flows around you and the water flows within you.

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