Why the caged bird sings…

I have noticed a tendency of the mind to create a trap even if there is no more evidence of a trap than that of freedom. Many years ago I was on medication. I was taking a shower and I seat down on the bottom. Though my mind ran the possibility that I was being medicated for being psychic for thinking differently because by seeing what others could not, I was a danger to the establishment. Hollywood style evil governments existed for a moment in my mind. I realized that if such an evil government existed it would not hesitate to kill me or force me to take medication. Suddenly I was in a trap with no conceivable exit.

So after thought I dismissed the evil government. Not because I could prove it didn’t exist, but the belief in it created a trap far more confined than any other. The only way to bet such a system is to be happy. And the only way to be truly happy was not to believe I was in a trap.

I see many others creating traps in their mind. Quite often it has to do with governance. What solid evidence do you have that the trap is real? Perhaps internet articles pointing to sources. And sources pointing to more sources. How much of this evidence can you say without a doubt is real?

I realized that the entire construction of reality relays on faith to work. Think of the movie the Matrix, you can prove nothing is 100% sure. Except the feeling that is your being. When looking at the illusionary nature of reality you find your greatest power. As I said, reality requires faith to work, but you decide if you put faith in the goodness of reality or the badness.

The movie The Matrix removes the faith aspect for a moment, but tends to lead a person to believe they are in an evil trap. Yet, the movie The Matrix is seen from within The Matrix. Why would an illusionary reality reveal its own tricks unless it wanted you to see through the illusion?

Nonetheless this is conjecturer. The point is there is power in your mind to create a trap or endless freedom. Even those in jail can be free with the right mindset. The caged bird sings because it decided to do what it loves whether or not there is a cage. So in singing the caged bird can be free.

You can use your mind to believe you are in jail when you have endless choices and freedom. The point in conspiracy theory you might have failed to notice is that the conspiracy theory is allowed to exist. David Wilcock is still alive, for example. He has platforms to spread his message. He might give reasons why he is able, but the fact you are allowed to speak so negatively about this ‘secret government’ and live says a lot about reality. Perhaps the cage never existed at all.

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