Light on the Rain


As I gaze out from my work space ahead to the falling rain. I notice that the rain is Highlighted in certain areas so that the individual droplets form dots in the sky. A luminous white mist is held in the air as the sunlight behind the light gray colds dances through the mist and into the window.

The sounds of the building constant and varied as some sort of electrical system sends a light buzz into my ringing ears. The ringing of ears has been there so long, it is often overlooked, as the sounds of my typing, and the typing of another overpower the electrical buzz. I think maybe the fluorescent lighting is producing that buzz.

A few people talk in the workstations for student, serious talk about projects. Someone’s keys jingle as they walk past keys in hand. A door closes and shoes create a slight squeaking across the floor. The various walk paces and random coughing. The people chatting so softly word cannot be made out. The heavier steps of feet climbing stairs.

While the noise slowly picks up in the building the trees outside appear to soak in the rain swaying with the wind. Still green, but with hints of Yellow as the first Day of Fall approaches.

Joyful chatting from downstairs in the cafe area, a few expressions of laughter at the unknown conversion.

With the phone ringing my focus on sounds is broken as I need to be ready to help at work. It is a blessing they gave me permission to write, but I have come to expect that interruptions are common/enjoyable.

Yes, I am sleepy still. A yawn or two escapes me, and more would love to follow. It is my Birthday today. A day to celebrate ME.

It is the time of Virgo’s now as the Wheel of the Year creeps closer to due West. If you found a trail in the woods while traveling west, would you follow it?

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