Dream: Travel by teleportation


In my dream last night, I developed the ability to teleport myself anywhere in the world. The process was so quick in simple that I grabbed a massive camera and teleported to the other side of the world. I took pictures. By teleporting with the sunlight, I could always arrive at an area with the perfect time of day for images. I, in fact, had no need of sleep anymore so could just follow the sunlight around the world.

I teleported with my sister to Japan. She crossed a railway track as I was following her, but when I got to the track the signs were flashing that I would have to wait for the train to pass. I was a little stressed as my sister is impatient and would not like to wait. Just then a police officer came and asked the people waiting to cross to come to his/her office. At the office, they explained that due to policy changes, a person could no longer cross that track in that direction. So I went off to find the new crossing and discovered my sister had found where I had gone and was no longer waiting for me.

In my freedom, I decided to teleport onto a cruise ship with my parents in order to eat the food there. The crew would not realize that they had stole-aways as the ship was already at sea. After exploring the ship, I came to the area with the pool and my Mother (who is in a wheelchair) decided she wanted to swim. The ship stopped in an old European City, but at the same time, it felt like New England because the food being sold on the streets was Bagels with tons of Seafood stuffed in them.

I was standing by the locals who were a cross between New England and the Mediterranean in the way they held themselves.

I woke up before getting to eat that bagel.

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