News on my Spiritual Journey: May 7, 2016


Plans for budgeting Spirituality Costs

Last month I spent a lot of money on Spirituality. In the form of both Bashar and Bentinho. Lets just say, I got a little carried away. I do not plan on continuing to invest in Trinfinity Academy. After my month is over, I am going to take a long break. Once a month I will get to buy a Bashar video, until I no longer feel called to invest in Bashar.

Once I did start investing money into the teachings that cost money, I have to say I have spent a good amount. Frankly, it is something I have not explained to my family. They would not understand why a person would need to invest in such things.

Still, it is much cheaper then going to University. My mind needs constant learning to be happy. This is my excitement. How I will ever make a living out of following this excitement… remains a question mark.

William Henry

During my endless quest to entertain my mind. I have come across another teacher. His videos are on He is a specialist in mythology who links mythology and recent events. Not many read this post, The Last Trump, but I thought it was a cool idea I came up with. I was watching a William Henry seminar on which inspired it.

William Henry refers to the story of Gilgamesh a lot. Particularly how he was told he was 2/3 divine and 1/3 human. That he needed to become 100% divine to make it through a gate. William Henry thinks this same equation can apply to us, and we have to become 100% divine.

Usually, I am guessing, viewers find this exciting. I, however, felt for the first time, in a long time, that maybe I should stop right now in the ascension process. 100% is a hard percentage to reach. It seems like a lot of work.

Brenda Hoffman

In this weeks Blog talk radio broadcast by Brenda Hoffman (Friday, May 6, 2016), she talks about a crossroads, where some will continue on in their journey and others will say this is enough. Considering I was feeling so discouraged by the daunting task of reaching 100% divinity, it was very timely for me. Yet, as Brenda spoke, something inside of me said, “Lets go on.”

You see in a way William Henry is taking some very smart High School students, and talking to them about a Doctorate. This is a metaphor for the fact that while the viewers of tend to be more spirituality intelligent then most of their class, they are still just graduating High School (getting out of the 3-D). Planning on becoming a Doctorate Degree Holder is one thing, but talking about needing to get 100% on a test in order to do so, tends to make people want to throw in the towel.

Yet, after listening to Brenda Hoffman’s broadcast about four times, I am throwing the hat instead. I will not focus on the test, but the joy of learning. I think we need to get out of the test mindset, and enjoy every minute of the College some call 5-D. I think everyone’s first courses should be in Joy, Excitement, Abundance, Peace and Love.

We have had plenty of the 3-D classes of Sadness, Pain, Abundance of  Lack, War, and Hate. You know it was all good and fun, but I’ve had enough of the classes of 3-D to last an Abundance of Lifetimes.

Infinite Lifetimes

There is no rush to make it to 100%, you have Infinity to make it. Even if things look to be getting more restricting on Earth. You will always find yourself in the perfect balance of powers for you personal growth. Behind the scenes, things are getting better for the Earth. Yet, if Earth’s growth doesn’t match yours, you will soon find yourself in another version of Earth.

The play is always perfectly balanced to match how to take whatever percentage you are at, and increase it.

I certainly am not 100% divine, even if I also know not what my pie chart of Divine vs Human looks like. Very few of us will have a goddess tell us what our personal pie chart ratio is, like Gilgamesh. The goddess was just trying to encourage Gilgamesh to accomplish a lot in one lifetime.

Now-a-days goddesses work through the Internet. They inspire people like William Henry to do the encouragement. You don’t get to literally see a goddess to inspire the beginning of your journey.


Still have not fixed images

The task of watermarking all those past images, and then replacing them is daunting. There are so many broken images in my past posts. I am not sure what viewers will think of it. My readership has gone down, so maybe it is catching up with me.



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