The Spirit of Last Night’s Storm


Last night I was tired, but unable to sleep. Worries started to creep into my mind, as I went to bed early with no results. A storm was passing outside, and usually I find storms calming.

I had been so tired as to be unable to focus after getting home. I managed to call my Internet carrier, and they recommended I get a new modem for $100. This was on top of getting a bill in the mall for something I was sure I already paid for. (Will be calling about that one Monday.)

I had started to wonder if I should even get the iPad Pro, when I will be moving (maybe) in only three months (beginning of August). As it is not a sure thing I am moving, I have not found a place yet.

I was thinking off all the things I’d have to get rid of for the move. Wondering if I would find a good place at all.

The energy was nerves, and I that is not normal for me. I turned on my fan, for a relaxing sound, and thought of the fact that I had meant to send blessings to JB of Got7 for his back problems.

In the blessing, I made it very clear that I did not want to interfere with whatever life path he had chosen. Yet, I repeated, “May you be blessed,” or “I love you,” until I fell into a deep meditative state. I was somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, unaware of how much time had passed, and only vaguely aware of repeating the blessings in my mind with the awareness it was directed to Got7.

Then my cat, Lulu, knocked over the fan. It dinged loudly as it hit a ceramic pot I was storing in my room until I could put a plant in it. I was out of the meditative state, where I had only been slightly aware, as if the Soul part of me was busy carrying out the blessings that my mind repeated.

Now I was relaxed, and ready to sleep. I picked up the fan and turned it off. The storm was still brew’n outside. I slept hours, getting up only to feed my cat. Then I was back to sleep for many hours.

My dream would be to lengthy to explain. As it includes a lot of back story. I was dreaming about a world I had imagined greatly about over the years. Like the writer of a Fiction, only I never wrote it down. So I would have to do a lot of writing in order to explain this dream.

I got up, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, did the dishes, paid the rent, and put new filters into my two water filter/pitchers. My roommate is out of town, so I am catching up on chores. (Last week I forgot to clean the bathroom/vacuum, and this was my week to clean the kitchen.)

So unlike a normal Sunday at this time of day, it is quiet here.

I sent my roommate a text about if I should get a new modem, as I don’t know if I am allowed to rent one, and in three months I am moving.

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