Messages About The 8-8-8 Lion’s Gateway Portal

Reblogging a second post from you in one day! I was just feeling hyped about 8/8/8

Tania Marie

As we approach 8/8/8 – August (8 month) 8th, 2015 (2+0+1+5=8), we’re coming upon what is known as the 8-8-8 Lion’s Gateway Portal.

This portal happens each year, but it’s being amplified this year, as it isn’t just 8/8, but 8/8/8.

Personal discernment is always advised when reading channeled information, as it’s important to find YOUR truth in things.

I’m not a follower of channeled information, although I’ll be led to particular messages that have something for me to look at, whether that means a reflective resonance, or something that doesn’t resonate, so that I may explore the meaning of that for me to integrate or observe.

There are levels to be aware of when embracing channeled messages, or any message for that matter, but I do find things that resonate here and there, like with anything. And if they reflect my own inner guidance then I’ll listen – to…

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