Many layers of Self / Garden

I am unsure how seriously I take this New Age topic. I keep a respectful distance in my mind. That way if nothing comes of it, I am unhurt. I exist as many selves. That is just one of them. Given the need, I can hop my frame of reference to this viewpoint. There is also a part of me that is very much deeply attached to the New Age. Sometimes I write from that part of myself.

We exist in many parts at the same time as a shield. If my deeply attached self gets too hurt, I simply push forward my distant self. The part of me that always feels like an outsider looking in. The question becomes, for the sake of this blog post, which self do I pull forward to write from. Do I express my doubt, or preach confidently?

We all exist on many levels and pull out the self that gets the best response.

Just checked my phone as it beeped in my purse. Noticed a strong smell of Basil. Yesterday, I harvested two cups of Basil from my two Basil plants. Two cucumbers. Three tomatoes.

I think a neighbor community planter has been doing weeding for me and taking a few vegetables in return. Either that or the Faeries really like me. I have never seen so few weeds grow in rich soil. I come to weed, and nothing has grown. I was however, short 2 tomatoes and one cucumber.

I was warned that vegetables will disappear from a community garden, but I was just picturing a few. Seems every time I visit something is missing lately.

I made pesto last night. I am just letting the flavors mix in the fridge overnight. Perhaps tonight will be fresh pesto night. \


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