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I posted this to Facebook, but it didn’t go to my Blog. Here is what I wrote. I realize that a lot of my followers don’t need this explanation.
(Sorry Facebook people seeing this again.)

I know that many of you might not believe in this, and I am personally torn about John of God. I read about him from Oprah years ago, and wanted to see him to be cured myself. I never went on that journey. I couldn’t afford it. I wondered why he didn’t make taking this journey somehow affordable to those who are already suffering because of medical bills. I was in a blend between hopeful and scientifically minded. I analyzed the articles looking for things to show me John of God was somehow tricking people. I do not think the current me would do that. What I am trying to say is that, even if this doesn’t matter to you, because you do not believe it will help, it matters to Suzanne and her patients. They will feel better, even if it is just a placebo effect.

Suzanne Bertolas

Crystal Therapy Healing Bed.

Hello, Todays post is to bring awareness to a campaign I have started to raise money to purchase a Crystal Healing Bed to use for my Reiki Clients to help them receive the best possible treatment I can give them.

Everyone knows someone with Cancer, or another ailment that hinders the quality of life.

I want to help as many people as I can, and this is one method I can incorporate into my current healing modalities.

Thank you.

Please take a quick read, or share with your friends.
My passion is helping mainly women who suffer from any form of illness, in the capacity I am able to.
I help women dealing with Cancer in a few ways,  I have a small wig shop to help them with hair loss, The wigs and Hair Studio and I have a small Reiki Room and give treatments to help women regain, balance, clarity, and restore wellbeing by giving them…

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