Helpful people, Networking

While I use various oracle cards, there are similar cards in some of the Doreen Virtue Decks. There is one card that appears in several of them that I think of as the Networking card. Whether it be for friendships or career, this is the card that perplexes me. It is hardly my strong point. Yet, it comes up again and again that I am supposed to network.

Anyone who remembers me from any sort of schooling knows that I am a bit of a loner. I love people and to talk, don’t get me wrong. I can talk about pointless stuff until the cows come home. I spread kindness, and politeness most of the time. I do this by being respectful to even those who are giving me tea. Some people think it is the customer service’s person’s job to say ‘Thank you.’ I think that the person behind the counter deserves as much respect as those in front of it. Mistreating anyone, even those you think are there to serve you, only spreads negativity.

So in spreading kindness, I often talk to customer service people. Yet, I am still clueless when it comes to friendship. I admit that I love to talk, but when I get a comment on my blog, I suddenly cannot think of what to say back. Sometimes I think, “I will respond later.” Then I forget about it completely.

Yesterday, I went to a workshop about the Holy Grail. It was a small one, but it was fascinating. I was surprised to discover that many of the teachings were the same as Kryon or Matt Kahn. I guess it is true that there are many paths to the same goal. The people in the workshop were talking about having a class on the subject matter as a retreat. Yet, I don’t have a car, so will be unlikely to attend.

I was very quiet at the workshop, and let others do the talking. I didn’t ask all the questions I had. I was afraid my questions would be offensive. They were talking about spiritual teachings like those of Buddha leading up to the teachings of Jesus. That in Buddha’s time people were not yet ready for the word of Jesus. I wanted so badly to ask, “Then what of Muhammad?” A great deal of people would say that the teachings of Jesus prepared the world for those of Muhammad. It just seemed wrong to cut him out of the list of great spiritual teachers.

What struck me as particularly the same was the “blood royal.” The statement that if you find the Holy Grail your blood transforms from deep within the marrow of your bone. Many New Age teachers today talk about activating D.N.A. and somehow the similarities make it seem like humanity has been talking about this for longer then originally I had thought.

What I think this is, is a transformation of self to the point that it feels like your very essence is different. There were other things that stuck me as similar as well. It was just surprising to discover a path within Christianity that was so very progressive, yet at the same time ancient as our stories of the Holy Grail.

How does this connect with the theme of this post… Networking? It felt vaguely like Networking to attend the Holy Grail workshop. Just getting out and talking to those people outside of the mainstream, yet in this case Christians. If I kept up those connections I make in workshops, whether it be a Angel Workshop or a Holy Grail one, it would, in effect, be Networking. Perhaps I will post again about this workshop of the Holy Grail. I do not have the paperwork in front of me to write an effective report.


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