Here is another viewpoint on weight loss

I am not sure that people will be willing to eat 80% fruits and veggies, but there is a lot of insight on weight loss in this video that you might not have heard before. The video doesn’t completely tell a person to be vegan, they just mentions that they are vegan, and recommend avoiding meat and cheese.

If you try to go vegan, then get a good book on vegan health. Often it can be hard to get the B-vitamins so be sure to keep an eye on them.

It can be difficult being vegan. I am just a Pescetarian (no to meat, yes to fish), and I have trouble finding things in restaurants. It can be so frustrating when your family fails to consider you in Holiday Dinners. My closest in ages sister says, “You have no right to complain about it because you choose to be a vegetarian.” My Mother at least offers me a frozen dinner, but I haven’t told her that I hate frozen dinners. I am totally disgusted by them since my last diet. I am mostly unable to eat them.

I have not made the jump into full Vegetarianism, because Fish Oil is good for the Bipolar/Depressed brain. I could try Flaxseed Oil, but no double blind study has been conducted on whether it is equivalent to Fish Oil in its effects on Bipolar disorder.

I could still become a vegan who takes Fish Oil daily. I am just afraid of maintaining the correct nutrition. That is why I recommend the book. It isn’t as simple as just cutting out animal products, you have eat the right vegetables for protein.

I would have to shop at the grocery store more often, because vegan restaurants would be few. I’d have to learn new recipes. It would be a lot of work, but I would be sure to lose weight.

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