Mercury Retrograde, Plus K-pop

A great many in the Intuitive community believe in Mercury Retrograde. I used to think that I was immune to it, but made a mistake yesterday that got me to thinking, “Is Mercury in Retrograde?” Yes, it is.

This got me to wondering, does Mercury Retrograde impact those who are raising vibration more then others? Is it a trade-off of raising vibration that suddenly astrological events, like Mercury Retrograde, will have more impact on your life. Or does a great majority of the population go around being impacted equally and not knowing it?

While I am very interested in many things Intuitive, astrology bores me. I don’t quite understand why, but cannot help it. Similarly, I rarely use Tarot Cards to predict the future. When I use them it is to uncover deep meaning. The cards help me pull out ideas that I would have overlooked. Lack of interest in knowing the future does not make me immune to there being a future. So, logically, lack of interest in astrology doesn’t protect me from Mercury Retrograde.

Anyway, on to the K-pop connection. This Mercury Retrograde was particularly upsetting for SM Entertainment. The company didn’t back up their Girl’s Generation music video, ‘Mr Mr.’ A computer problem lead to them losing some of the music video. Now, for those of you who are not into K-pop, Girl’s Generation is a big deal. BIG DEAL. I hope that SM Entertainment is able to recover the lost data because I want to watch that music video.

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