Lots of Work to Do


The time has come for me to consider renewing The cost of a renewal is about $26 I think. Yet, for $79 I can get a renewal of my URL and a Premium Plan (goodbye ads).

Also I was thinking of investing in another theme (which is similar to my current one) that allows for bigger Featured Images on my homepage.

I need to move images from my old computer to my new one. My old computer is an organizational mess. Filled with old college papers, old images, old video and who knows what. It certainly has character.

It, however, could not read my USB backup drive for me to use that to transfer images quickly. I think I tried that before, and as the connection between the old computer and new backup drive falls to connect the drive makes noises. I was worried I had broken it.

My old computer is not Internet Safe. Everything is outdated, and using old security systems similarly outdated. I might have to bring my old backup drive into the Apple Store to make sure a Firewire to Thunderbolt adapter will work.

If I can access my old backup drive. I can start easily going through the files without have to deal with a computer at all. The battery on my old computer is completely gone, and it needs to be plugged in to work. However if I move to much, the plug connection disconnects. The whole computer will shut off. The computer is slow to search through.

Tonight I might be visiting the Mall again for the connector, so that I can finally access the old images.

As fun as it is to create Font images for posts… it would take too long to make one for every post.

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