Small talk

This is one of those times when I start writing, and hope to find a subject. Here I am sitting scratching my head, which still has a wool cap on. I invested in being warm this month. Like everyone else, I sensed a cold winter, so I got new gloves and other warm winter clothes.

As I continue to be afraid to drive, and cannot even afford a car anymore, I will be out in the cold this winter. I prepare by thinking of areas of my wardrobe that could be warmer. I’d have to say that I got the basics covered. I just need to get out to the Mall to pick up new Thermal Underwear. Right now I am wearing workout pants under my work pants to stay warm. My work pants are a little thin so need an extra layer.

When people see me, they comment on how well prepared I look for the winter. They don’t realize that it is essential, as I will be out in the weather.

You see this is how I am good at small talk. I can talk about something so boring as Winter clothes. I actually am bragging about my preparedness. I don’t actually think anyone will read this post (so do not have to think of entertaining), as I took another long break from Blogging, and lost my readers. I am sorry, but might be apologizing to the air. It is the nature of my illness to change. I am just debating myself about whether I should build up a New Readership or start a new Blog somewhere else. Either way I’d be starting from zero.

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