Small memories on writing: Might help the unexperienced writer

I have no deep insight today, but am in a good mood. Caffeine nearly always makes me happier. I am on a medication that amplifies Caffeine. I have come to the conclusion that it pushes me higher on my Manic-Depression scale. This is because the effect lasts a long time after Caffeine should be out of my system. Even if I have Caffeine in the morning it becomes harder to sleep at night.

So tonight I will pay the price, but for now I have a sense of well-being and contentment. Things that seemed impossible (like actually writing novel in my head) seem more doable. I thought I would warm up with a blog post, but I have no topic to write about. I am just hoping that something will be uncovered as I type.

Just writing about anything is a recommended way to start a paper. In college and high school, a vast majority of the time, I had no idea what the topic would be when I started writing. I know in high school we are taught to come up with the topic, and three ways you will agree it is true before you start writing. Yet, I hardly ever listened to this. However, it did show me how to organize my topics when I was done writing.

I remember a friend in high school doing a speech on how the writer of the Golden Compass recommended starting writing a novel. First you come up with all the names, and… (I don’t remember completely) other stuff. Then you throw all that away, and write.

When I took my online writing class, there was much reading about confidence in your writing. In the first draft you turn off the critic, and just write freely. You will edit later.

I will be learning more about writing soon. Time to tackle that textbook I have been intimidated by. Wish me luck, and good bye.

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