What happened?

I have been taking the world in more then creating lately. I will realize that I should really create something, like write meaningful posts, but my inspiration is gone. It left sometime while I was on vacation. I haven’t been able to write anything worthwhile for this site […]

The first sign

When I asked for signs from God I looked outside at a wind chime. If a wind blows it down, my sister takes it down, it breaks and falls, or something else brings it down that will be sign number one.  Today my sister and me brought a […]


The tick is like the tock. So simple that one takes it for granted. One assumes that across the universe the tick and tock echoes equally. It is such a universal law here on Earth that like gravity it is unbreakable. Yet, like gravity, it is hardly universal […]

My trip

Living without internet or cell phones I did not find out about the bombing right away. I saw it in a newspaper. I knew that it was depressing to be in the US at that moment. I only had a short time to read the paper and did […]