Hello, I have been on a diet for a little over a week and am slowly losing weight. I do not know if progress will continue, but am trying. Yesterday, I was so hungry at night that I was glad my cat was sitting on my belly making […]

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:
David and I attended last night’s monthly Farmer’s Market Film Series showing of “Food Stamped”. (According to the trailer on YouTube, “FOOD STAMPED follows a couple attempting to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet on a food stamp budget. Nutrition educator Shira…

NASH and weight loss goals

Here I am seating at the computer with a desire to search, to learn, but I have no idea what to search for. Today I was diagnosed with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH). The only current treatment is to lose weight. I am in the very beginning stages so perhaps weight loss […]

Could I be great?

As a child I secretly wished to be a saint. To see God or Mary, but such things were not meant for me. Why? Because saints are humble. Someone with the goal of being a saint is not humble. Someone with this goal only does good deeds in […]

Silly me

I brought a crystal to clear up energy and help me hear angels. I sat in bed with the crystal tip pointed toward my head (as advised by Doreen Virtue’s book). I realized I had just taken medication In order to not hear voices, and here I was […]

What if…

I was watching a documentary about near death experiences, and I wondered, “What if we are like pioneers?” What if there were at least two realms in existence. Hard rock and then fertile ground (heaven). We creatures living on earth are breaking down the hard rock so that it can […]

Journey to Millions of Years Ago!

Humans have been ‘civilized’ for a very short time. If reincarnation is real, then our time driving around in oil eaters and sitting at computers writing posts is marginal in our soul’s lifespan (for older souls at least). Even if you solely focus on human incarnations, our real modern […]