💤 Sleepy writing 💤

I am feel a little sleepy as I settle down to write. I attempted to write a post yesterday, but ran out of steam before I had a long enough post. My inner critic was a little louder than normal and reading through what I managed to type out yesterday, I decided to leave it as a draft.

I went to an art fair today very briefly. It was a small one that is held monthly. I picked up a print from a talented artist. I also picked up food at the same time. I didn’t eat much of the food I picked up. It was one of those moments where I was eating and my stomach felt like it was half the size as normal so I couldn’t really eat much.

This has happened to me throughout my life. Usually I am eating in a restaurant, I will take a few bites and suddenly cannot eat any more. So I take the food home. This time it happened while I was already at home. Perhaps my appetite will return tomorrow.

I feel like writing at the moment, but I am also tired. It isn’t that late yet, but if in an hour I am still sleepy I will call it an early night. I still need to start reading Louise Penny. My sister bought me five of her books and I asked another sister for the audiobook version so I could walk and read at the same time. Perhaps tomorrow I will get some quality listening/walking time in.

In the middle of this summer I started a skin care routine. It started small with a few products from Korea, but the more I looked into skin care the more products were recommended.

I think the main result of my routine so far is that I look paler from wearing sunscreen daily (even indoors.) I’m actually getting more pimples now that I am caring for my skin than when I didn’t even remember to wash my face daily.

Here I stopped writing for a good half a minute and seriously considered going to bed early. When I think about using skin care products, I think of them as permission slips, which is another Darryl Anka concept. I also use the permission slip of fasting, tarot, astrology, etc. So many permission slips.

I am not going to explain the concept of permission slips. Even if I see myself and others use them all the time. Maybe I should use a permission slip to gain energy, if I don’t want to pause between every paragraph feeling sleepy.

I know I have not written a substantial post, but I think am going to go to bed early because writing has not chased the sleepiness away. I thank you for reading. Good night. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those times when I try to sleep because I am sleepy and than I cannot sleep so give up after a while.

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