I πŸ’œ You: Heart digital artwork

The rain passed through briefly today. Before that I managed to get some flowers into the ground and various pots. At 7pm EST I listened to Matt Kahn and did artwork as planned.

I πŸ’œ You

After creating my former heart piece of digital art I realized that I should have used purple for BTS. So with BTS in mind I drew a Purple Heart with some music notes.

This one has a much calmer energy than my last heart piece which I will post again so you can compare.

Button Hearts

I’d have to say the first one might be more successful in the feeling of flow. The lines were more quickly drawn where as in the Purple Heart each line is carefully and slowly drawn out.

What can I say, Matt Kahn has a very relaxing energy and the result is quite different from the energy of Esther Hicks. I was reluctant to say I listen to channeled messages quite often when doing art because some still judge channeling harshly. However I admit it.

A number of my older pieces were done listening to a Channeler called Lee Carroll. I used to listen to him quite a lot. I actually found him while researching what Pleiadians were, which Lee Carroll is not a channeler of Pleiadians as far as I know. Kryon is more of a magnetic master, or science angel.

I fully intended not drop any names of the teachers who had been on my path and therefore not influence other people beyond my own words. I guess I am a bit of a name dropper.

I know other names that lead down very different paths, the rabbit holes. Yet, I am resisting looking into those parallel realities as best I can. I will try to keep those names secret, lest I mislead another.

Which piece of artwork resonates more with you? The energetic Esther Hicks feeling (which I named button hearts because she talks about buttons so much) or the peaceful Matt Kahn, who might be more of a match to the color purple.

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