Update: March 29

I am trying to get back into the habit of expressing myself through writing. Lately, that has included creating posts when I do not particularly fell inspired to keep my writing muscle strong. I recall in college I took a creative writing course where the professor recommended setting aside an hour a day for writing. (She recommended the morning for this practice.) I do not intend to write for a full hour each day, or ever each day. Yet, I intend to get used to expressing myself again with writing.

My quest for knowledge continues as I am watching “Missing Links” by Gregg Braden on Gaia. I still remain horribly behind on “Cosmic Disclosure,” but frankly I now find the show a little boring. I completed the first six seasons so I have a pretty good idea of the jest of things. I know that many in the spiritual community have been watching that “Cosmic Disclosure.” Sometimes I still visit David Wilcock’s site for his long infrequent updates.

At times I go into a channeling in order to help me decide on, who is right. I am often reminded of Darryl Anka pointing out that the worlds are dividing into different realities. So that each side of this argument lives in the reality where they are right. I live in two worlds whereas my parents are conservative and my siblings tend to be a bit more liberal. I come from a family that has people on both sides of the line and this leads to some interesting facebook feeds. I recognize that not just politically, but in many ways, different realities seem to be forming.

Darryl Anka says the trains will split and it will become harder to move from one train to another, but I honestly have no idea what train I am on. Will we really literally split into different timelines or will communication between the separate realities that have already formed become more difficult?

Anyway, I had fried chicken today while listening to the person who helped me transition from vegetarian to meat eater after four years without meat. A lot of factors went into the decision and I know it is a polarizing topic.

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