Vacation! With likely updates of Instagram at the end!

Tomorrow I have a flight to California for 11 days of warm weather. My roommate will be watching Jemma and that reminds me I should make sure to clean the kitty litter before leaving tomorrow. As Michigan has plunged back into the cold of winter, I am hoping the warmth of Spring will great me upon my return. Not that the snow isn’t beautiful. While in California I will feel more free to do rain meditations for South Africa.

After reading the book, The Power of Eight, I attempted to set up a group to meditate on getting rain to South Africa last week. The attempt added to the prayers and work of all the individuals already asking for a cure to the drought and Cape Town, South Africa received rain a few days after the online group meditation (which I posted on several groups on Facebook.) Good news, but afterwards Michigan was hit with much more snow (9 inches) than South Africa got rain. This activated my memory banks.

Many years ago, I started the online Facebook Group, ‘Rainmakers for California.’ Soon after a group online meditation Michigan was hit with 7 inches of snow (some areas had more.) I tried contacting a individual with knowledge about rain dancing (as I had been attempting to rain dance for California, but might have attracted snow to Michigan.) The individual recommend a more traditional rain dance to be held within the community and not over the computer. As I saw it as a daunting task to get the Native American community to set up a rain dance for California when I have Irish, German, French Catholic, Jewish, IE very European decent, I simply decided to hold private meditations for getting rain to California.

It wasn’t until at least a year of private meditation for bring rain to California that I had a meditation where suddenly I felt very powerful. I took that power to tear apart the ‘Ridiculously Resilient Ridge.’ Soon afterwards California got lots of rain to the point that the land under the highways was worn away in places. I took a step back wondering if I had done something very wrong as one disaster after another hit California.

Similarly I took a step back from holding meditations to help others who I perceived as needing help. Some channelers had argued that you need permission in order to send healing to an individual.

So I stayed away from blessing many situations as the need arose. Granted the need to bless would sometimes some over me.

I used to send blessings to K-pop idols who got into controversies. Many made it through and later their career blossomed. Yet, I did not send any blessings to T.O.P. or SHINee’s Onew during their controversies. Now that SHINee’s Jonghyun has committed suicide I feel bad that I didn’t send the healing energy to Onew, as I would have included the entire group of SHINee.

While I had been caught up in fearing my power to attract rain/snow and improve the success of idols I blessed. Yet, if I could have improved the life of Jonghyun by sending him healing energy, or if I could have helped with the California fires/mudslides should I really step back and question the bigger impact?

The Power of Eight shows scientific proof that a group of people meditating together can make plants grow faster across the world. I believe the same principles that make groups able to heal another, also work on the individual level.

I am a healer. Of situations, health, and weather. I am not saying that I alone made the California rain possible, but I added my energy the process. Even with k-pop idols. I am sure that other fans unconsciously provide energy to that healing process.

What if Onew got into his scandal as a sacrifice in order to get Jonghyun the healing energy he needed. While I sat back and questioned my right to send such healing to his scandal.


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