I found the perfect candle for witchy endeavors​


Get ready to look at your relationship with money because I found the perfect candle for putting on your altar or just mindfully burning. I admit that there are many good candles out there, but ‘Jackpot Candles’ combine the gambler archetype within me with the more magickal slightly witchy archetype within me.

Each Jackpot Candle contains a piece of jewelry they say is valued at $15-$5000. The bigger candles burn 80 hours. Done mindfully that is 80 hours of reflection on abundance. The best part is that there is a ring, earrings, or necklace at the bottom of the candle. After burning towards a spell for 80 hours this piece of jewelry would be infused with magick.

I saw this candle on an Amazon Deal and I decided to indulge the gambler within me. Yet, upon reflection, this candle offers more opportunity. If, for example, I only burned it when meditating on abundance the resulting ring becomes a reminder 80 hours worth of meditating. (If the foil the ring is wrapped in is at the very bottom.)

I, however, am slowly burning away the 100% soy candle in a safe place, while in this case writing upon the topic.

I have a question to ask. Do you think that a person could put 80 hours of conscious meditation into this time to reflect upon abundance? Do you think that simply lighting the candle with intention and letting the candle be 80 hours of carrying that intention is enough?

It is a simple idea that ‘Jackpot Candles’ runs on. I am hoping that I will be able to fit a size seven ring as I am usually a 7.5 size. ‘Jackpot Candles’ has a page where you can put in the code on the ring and get the value of the ring. I think the value is likely inflated, but needless to say, I will be checking the value. If it is high enough in value, I am selling it to get a Nintendo Switch. If I get a really high valued ring, I am selling it to finally manifest that iPad Pro.

Yes, I admit to having the gambler archetype. I, however, stay away from casinos and betting. I play the lottery about five times a year only buying a single ticket because I believe that if you are meant to win one ticket is enough. I also believe that if I am able to resist spending on the lottery it is because I was not going to win that time. If a lottery win is in your destiny you wouldn’t even think to resist when it is time to win.

I tend to enter online sweepstakes over spending money. I know how to find a creditable sweepstake. Currently, I am entered to win (in different contests) a MacBook Pro, an iPad Pro, an iPhone X, and a Nintendo Switch prize pack. How often have I entered contests to win these things… ‘unsure.’ Does not winning in the past discourage me… ‘I guess not.’

So for me, ‘Jackpot Candles’ is my latest kind of gamble. Yet, I see the potential for this being something more due to the magickal quality of candles. I thought I would point out this product for the fun of it. I am receiving no sponsorship for this post. I bought the candle with my own money and am patiently (more like impatiently) waiting for the foil to be revealed.

If I try ‘Jackpot Candles’ in the future… I might get the travel size candle or the Bath Bombs. In a way, it is like the candy eggs as a child or the cereal box prize. Only now it is for adults.

The candle itself does appear to be a good quality. I can smell the scent without it being too overpowering. Next time I buy my sister a candle this might replace the usual Yankee Candle for some variety.

I got the Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Candle and I am curious to try other scents.

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