Bentinho Massaro

Throwback Tuesday: My most viewed Bentinho Massaro​ + Updated thoughts

I wrote a post defending Bentinho Massaro and decided to stay out of the situation because I have not followed his work in a long time. As for the article written about him, I noticed that only a few videos were actually up and all the other ones were taken down by copywrite claims.

I know it would be clever to post videos violating copywrite so that Bentinho puts a claim against it. After that, you can say anything at all was in that video and there is no way to check the evidence because no one can view the video anymore.

So I am not picking sides. I attempted to research the name of the person who wrote the article.

Be Scofield

She apparently wrote a negative article about Abraham Hicks before.

Here is an article about her attacking ‘atheists.’ 

Here she attacks Eckhart Telle.

Otherwise, it is hard to find articles written by Be Scofield.

As I argued before, don’t give your power away to anyone. Research and demand evidence. I have had my doubts about Bentinho for a long time, so I am staying out of saying which side is right. Read her other work yourself. Decide for yourself.

(Be Scofield is transgender so that is why I refer to Be Scofield as her but am unsure which pronoun they prefer.)

Choices faced when hearing the teachings of Bentinho Massaro

illusionphotoI am not sure what to make of Bentinho Massaro. His teachings can be a little extreme but are fascinating possibilities. I think that looking into his teachings might provide a better understanding of his lessons than me summarizing them. You might focus on different aspects than me, and come away with another meaning altogether.His teachings line up with many NDE’s I have read but are hard to process with such vivid clarity. With an NDE a person is having a personal vision. It is up to you to see if it applies to your reality. Bentinho Massaro points to ‘you’ personally. It makes one realize that difference between stating ‘I am’ this, vs ‘you are.’I do not know that path Bentinho Massaro took to discover his teachings. Yet, he is a Soul I’d like to communicate with in the afterlife, to find out.

Right, now I am in the process of picking my reality. Even if you don’t agree with Bentinho, you can see how your choices are shaping your reality.

Take the different ways I could interpret Bentinho himself, and look at how it could shape my reality. First, I will start with a statement that followers of Bentinho could get offended by. I do not mean I believe this, but conventional teachings from society have not been forgotten by me.

I could notice that Bentinho offers some videos free, but his online courses cost money. So Bentinho is a con-man whose teachings convince others to spend money they do not have, by telling them that ‘lack’ doesn’t exist. He is so mercilessly manipulating the New Age mentality, that he convinces people to leave their life behind to follow ‘pipe dreams.’ Are his teachings no different than those of someone starting a Cult?

If I felt too challenged by Bentinho I could always dismiss him this way. It is easy to dismiss things that challenge our entire view of reality. Yet, I enjoy a learning of a new way to view reality. Mainly because I am not happy with the reality around me. A reality where so much is off balance, and I feel too small to handle even a fraction of the problems.

I just listed the ‘logical’ scientific way that teachings get pushed away. Another approach would be to say Bentinho has been fooled by the devil, and he is leading others astray. Or perhaps that Bentinho is delusional himself. (This same dismissal was tried when people faced the challenging teachings of Jesus.)

Anyways, I was giving an example of how I could shape my reality. Each of these choices would lead to a different outcome, but there are also other outcomes. Perhaps I listen to Bentinho and discover how his teachings could benefit me. I take what resonates with my view of the world, and leave what doesn’t fit out. Bentinho is just teaching how he views the world based on his own experience, as we have different experiences, not everything will line up. I do not need to dismiss him because he is so extreme, but I can respect his passion. Even in the teachings that seem so out of alignment with myself, I can perhaps, find a bit of wisdom. I do not have to adopt something, to consider it, and learn from it.

The other end of the spectrum is that I take Bentinho’s teachings as the unveiling of the Universe. He becomes a prophet that I follow word for word, not really taking the time to think for myself. I think Bentinho himself warns against doing this. Yet, it doesn’t mean that some will not choose this option.

Can you see how I am choosing to shape my reality? It is a spectrum from utter dismal to acceptance all the way up to mindless acceptance. I just need to take my pick.

You’d have to listen to Bentinho’s teachings to understand, why I am going into so much detail about shaping reality. I will try to remember to post a link later. I am at work right now, and cannot be seen visiting youtube.



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