Questions for me to think about: Be Scofield vs Bentinho

I wrote a post defending Bentinho Massaro and decided to stay out of the situation because I have not followed his work in a long time. As for the article written about him, I noticed that only a few videos were actually up and all the other ones were taken down by copywrite claims.

I know it would be clever to post videos violating copywrite so that Bentinho puts a claim against it. After that, you can say anything at all was in that video and there is no way to check the evidence because no one can view the video anymore.

So I am not picking sides. I attempted to research the name of the person who wrote the article.

Be Scofield

She apparently wrote a negative article about Abraham Hicks before.

Here is an article about her attacking ‘atheists.’ 

Here she attacks Eckhart Telle.

Otherwise, it is hard to find articles written by Be Scofield.

As I argued before, don’t give your power away to anyone. Research and demand evidence. I have had my doubts about Bentinho for a long time, so I am staying out of saying which side is right. Read her other work yourself. Decide for yourself.

Be Scofield is transgender so that is why I refer to Be Scofield as her but am unsure which pronoun they prefer.

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