Lack of Critical Thinking Apparent​: Please Explain

I admit to being guilty of continuing to follow the conspiracy theories. I was visiting David Wilcock’s sight to see an update, he rarely updates. What I was meet with made me question David Wilcock very much. After ‘Be Scofield’ wrote an article on ‘Bentinho Massaro’ I was thinking about how few online articles there were from ‘Be Scofield.’ (When her bio said she was a writer for the Huffington Post and advisor to bestsellers.) How most of what she wrote about Bentinho was hearsay lacking true evidence as most the video links were down. Which I realized she could have made up any caption for the videos as there was no video to view. The few videos that were viewable in the article did not give me the same impression that she gave when she wrote about them.

Earlier that day, I had been visiting David Wilcock when another question entered my mind. I am not saying this question is true, but I am expressing my doubts. The following picture was posted of a gentleman who was said to have been in the hospital with a high fever almost to the point of death.

David Wilcock December 28, 2017

Do you see my issue? When you go to the ER they do not let you wear your clothes. You are forced into overpriced slippers and a hospital gown. I have been in the emergency room myself. This gentleman is not hooked up to any machine and wearing his boots. The room does not look much like a hospital room even in the zoomed out picture. (Found on David Wilcock’s website.) It looks more like a doctors office.


While I had been on the fence about David Wilcock, the fact that he had failed to see the amount that this picture looks staged makes me question his critical thinking. Several possibilities entered my mind.

  1. David Wilcock is telling the truth (he thinks) but has been told lies by ‘insiders’ who are actually spies spreading disinformation.
  2. David Wilcock is purposely spreading disinformation (or a mix of fact and fiction) in order to make a living. He has held several ‘fundraisers’ for individuals who are said to have been burglarized. What if these are fabrications to make money off of his followers.

I am not saying this is true. Yet, have witnessed a serious lack of critical thinking on the internet. I am reminding you not to take a story at face value. Question even David Wilcock. Question Be Scofield. Question Bentinho. Question me.

Do not give your power away. I do not want it. Yet, I want you to consider where you are failing to use critical thinking. Consider where you are putting your trust in another and not questioning the evidence.

I am a questioner. In fact, I see a bit of myself in Be Scofield. I also question things like the Law of Attraction. Eckart Tolle etc. I have gotten a lot of flack for my writing style when I do this.

I hope that I have expressed myself without offending this time. As always I will ask questions and express myself.

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