Access Consciousness​: Advanced How to Become Money Workbook

Today I purchased the Kindle version of Gary Douglas’s, ‘Advanced How To Become Money Workbook.’ Don’t worry it was only $9.99. Anyway, I was working on question nine when a pondering entered my mind. What if I were just as good at amassing more money than I can reasonably use in a year as I am good at amassing tea.

I like tea, I have lots of tea in my house. I have many kinds of tea. Good tea. I also have things that go with tea such as infusers, mugs, and teapots. In fact, I am so good at getting teapots that I often have an overabundance tea and tea accessories.

Evidence found in my Instagrams below.

Fixed teapot coloring

A post shared by Elisabeth Maddix (@orcadragon17) on

Here are #SanCha teas from India!

A post shared by Elisabeth Maddix (@orcadragon17) on

This is just a small fraction of my tea collection. The SanCha teas posted above are now available on amazon. I know because SanCha Tea sent me an email announcing the addition. Not all of them have the nice bags, but perhaps in the future, they will add the nicely packaged versions as gift tea.

Now that I have written the idea that popped into my head. I am off to make a pot of tea and continue my workbook.

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