Lights camera… awkward

Hello Readers,

I am attempting to get practice again talking to a camera. The last few weeks I have been working the night shift and day shift, but I requested that work settles on either night or day. They decided on day!

Being awake during the sunshine with time on my hands, and faster internet than before, I set out on my goal to make videos.

If you want to see me awkwardly talking to the camera, I made two such videos for you to choose from. I am going for a conversation kind of feel. Meaning I did not plan my script before.

Yesterday, I did write out a script on my analysis of the Law of Attraction, with its benefits and setbacks. Today I didn’t feel like tackling such a formal approach.

Yep, I totally winged the topic. Here is another video and I would appreciate feedback… constructive criticism, please.

Does the winging it conversational approach work? I might try it for a while to get comfortable.

Here is another video.

Yes, my hair is wet and I have no makeup. When my glasses are on they reflect the light from the screen and window. Not going for perfection here.

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