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Here we go backwards throughout the trip… highlighted first is the $5 Avocado Toast from Voyager Craft Coffee. My sister took a picture too which a friend told her to label ‘Hipster Toast.’ I discussed the ever repeating Buzzfeed joke about ‘If you buy Avocado Toast you will never be able to afford a house.’

Earlier that day we had been to the Golden Gate Bridge to find it as it typically is… or so my middle sister claimed that it is usually covered partly in fog.

Fog Gate Bridge

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We visited the outside of a nearby museum where I took many pictures and posted only a few.

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This Church had a sign for no cell phones, but none for no pictures. So I figured they meant to not talk on a cell phone and using it for a picture or two was okay.

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We had started out the day in Chinatown… where we watched the morning Tai Chi and visited a few Bakeries before heading to Little Italy and some historic shops. After the Golden Gate Bridge we attempted to get a tour of a chocolate factory only to be told that they had not had tours for 20 years (even if I know of numerous people who have had the tour in the last few years.)

So instead of took a walk to Fisherman’s Wharf

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All in all we walked around a lot of San Francisco netting a total 16,184 steps. After that, we visited my closest in age sister’s new apartment in a nearby city and ended the day in the Asian Art Museum. As we only arrived 30 minutes before closing my group had no time for Instagram (or any photos.) I did, however, pick up a Tea in the Gift Shop.

Here are some pictures from a day we netted a total of 16,988 steps.



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