Some of my Instagrams to Highlight!

Here is my new furniture. After moving this bigger piece that comes in two parts, I decided to get a lightweight Secretary Desk instead of the huge ones that were on Craigslist. However looking at Craigslist now I see a large Secretary Desk for only $45.

Anyway here is my new China Cabinet/Hutch along with some plant stands.

Craigslist finds

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Next we have some left over center pieces from my Sister’s wedding.

Matching collection!

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Because of the wedding many flowers can be found around the apartment.

In second picture I almost got Lulu looking at me nicely.

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Does anyone in A2 want to help me eat this in 12 hours? Tea? A?

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Oh, yes that is my most recent chili. It is cooking now. I finished up the frozen leftovers of the last chili and needed to make more. This one has corn and lots of onions/garlic. The one before had peppers, onions and garlic. The base of both recipes was the same (seasoning, tomato sauce, diced tomatos, beans, stew beef.)

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