And vouch safe the validity of whatever a soul says, that’s all they want. They want to be heard. -Raymond Tarpey

And we keep that circle. And vouch safe the validity of whatever a soul says, that’s all they want. They want to be heard. It’s that frustration of talking at the same time. Like sometimes when I argue in New York. It’s like… 😆 I’m from New York so it’s a special kind of argument.
-Raymond Tarpey

In Raymond Tarpey’s interview on ‘Open Minds’ (a Gaia show), he asks us to create circles of people who come together to talk. Who come together to share their views… yet there is a catch. In this circle, only one person talks at a time. If you disagree you do not interrupt. You do not wait until the end to answer with “BUT.” You accept that person even if their views are different than yours and you do not attempt to change their views to fit with yours.

So in short, the person is free to express themselves without the fear of judgment.

Consider that feeling, of being heard and accepted. The cost of creating groups with this feeling is to also hear and accept others. Think how freeing it would be to be able to express yourself without worrying that you are going to get into a battle of intellect. Wouldn’t you be all the more willing to express what you hold dear knowing that it will not be taken from you to be replaced by someone else’s beliefs thrown at you with cleverly crafted words?

You ask how I came to originally make this highly repeated statement?

“ALL of us on this Forum have Negative Beliefs that are creating Cycles of increasing negativity in our view of reality. Otherwise, we would not be drawn to Bashar. Consequently, we have a group of people who are attempting to escape a negative belief cycle bouncing off one another and triggering one another. We are each other’s Mirror. Even if we don’t intend to offend when a person is viewing a situation from a negative belief set, we are triggering each other right and left.”

I made it because I saw that this forum was not creating a space where people felt safe to express themselves. I saw people not really listening to each other, but hell bent on debating how they are right instead. I saw what appears to be ‘trolls’ singling out different members of the group and no one standing for the individuals being picked on.

I since then I have seen that when I posted my attempts to express myself without the fear of how it would be received, I was met with hostility. As I continue to be met with to this day. I saw Bashar’s teachings which I found liberating being twisted to make me feel bad.

If this forum is a microcosm of the world, (As above so below. As below so above) how are we ever going to reach world peace if we continue to fail to give others the chance to express without any attempts to change that puzzle piece that they are to be more like your puzzle piece? The cost of being unable to do such is that you will not get to express yourself without fear of judgment.

Here in this forum, we have an opportunity to support each other along our personal paths. We have a chance to express ourselves and let others express themselves.

If this post is torn apart by the views of another. It is just another example of our failure to ‘vouch safe the validity of whatever a soul says, that’s all they want. They want to be heard.’

For example, they could get angry at my use of the words “We” or “You.” As has already happened to me in this forum. Or they could try to prove themselves intellectually superior. As has already happened to me on this forum. Or they could overlook a great deal of what was said to bring up old arguments.

To me, superior intellect is not shown by knowledge or numbers. It is shown by how they treat and respect other people. Truly intelligent people are able to accept many views that do not agree with personally. They will accept that this is where the person is on their journey and be honored that this person felt safe enough to share this information so close to their hearts with them.

I am not asking you to agree with me when I write. I am asking you to accept who I am as I write it. To let the voice deep inside me be heard.

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