I have been posting on the Bashar forum instead of posting here for a while now. Perhaps the Universe has been telling me to return here. A User on the forum has taken it upon himself to be ‘a torn in my side’ because I annoyed him. He finds me to be a hypocrite and is hell bent on making me seem like one.

It is not like I actually get anything from posting on the forum other than the responses of the users. Granted I do not get anything for posting on this Blog either, but at least with the Blog I can dream that someday I can make a living writing. Also when one person decides to debate an Blog it really doesn’t keep people from reading the Post.

I’ve been listening to Abraham-Hicks and wondering how I attracted such a Hater. If Abraham-Hicks is right than I was giving off an unlikable vibration and that resulted in the User with a personal vendetta against me.

I have made a fool of myself attempting to sway this person’s view before realizing that nothing I would say could possibly change his mind.

Now I don’t feel much like taking part in the forum anymore.

Below is a video I think is related, but I cannot listen to it right now so will later.


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  1. Perhaps it isn’t you (personally) but rather your message that doesn’t resonate with this person.

    In many years of dealing with difficult folks, I’ve learned not to buy into their challenges. I’ll always respect their views and their right to express them, but I certainly don’t need to engage in an argument or debate. I LOVE the esoteric idea that “what we resist, persists.”

    Most of these folks thrive on the drama they create…and for some strange, dysfunctional reason, when they bring others down, it helps them feel better about themselves.

    Trust in yourself and your own perspective–and try not to let someone else’s opinions drag you down or take you off center. By not engaging with them or encouraging their poor behavior, they’ll probably move on to someone who’s an easier target.


    Love Always,



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