Source Field: I activate thee

So I did it. I went and created an Etsy Shop with Two offerings on a Whim. I quickly created some images from old artwork with the addition of text to the image. Anyway, I am offering two things on my Etsy Site for $10.


Description (or most of it):

I love to write. I want to write out blessings as a form of prayer for you. In Ancient Times Schools had Patrons who paid them to Pray every night so that they had time to pursue their studies. So I am offering to pray for you or at least bless you in written form for at least 30 minutes.

This is a general blessing and might cover many topics. If you want a blessing on a certain topic make sure to include it in the notes when purchasing the product so I know to not give a general blessing.



I am not going to claim I know more than you or I am more psychic or intuitive than you. I want practice channeling or at least writing on various interesting topics and need questions. This is an experiment. I love to write and have been attempting to channel. Yet, what I do not want is people to give their power over to me thinking me wiser or more connected than they are.

This is not the item to buy if you want to know the future. I consider the future to be in flux with many possible outcomes.

If you buy this item, please send me the question when given the chance to make requests during the buying process.

This is for at least 30 minutes of Channeling or Writing (please note which you prefer.) If you want the writing to come from me, it will likely have a different voice than when I channel.

So yeah, Source Field. I need your help on this one. I have yet to spend any money to advertise because I want you to do the advertising for me. I want to at least give you a chance. Now I have done my part of posting on my Blog and creating the site. You need to get the ball rolling from here. I kind of placed it by the hill.

Source field this is your 48-hour task. You did the last one pretty well and I almost have a roommate for the next year. Not only did I go from being unsure if anyone was interested, but I received 3 offers. I have kind of been focused on getting the paperwork in and not looking for signs.

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    • I will just do my thing. The Universe will support me somehow. I was just giving it a suggestion.

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