Missing Unlimited Topping Pizza

While there have been a few days where I set out to keep my diet and I went over (namely during my vacation when healthy food was sometimes replaced with Fast Food) I have overall stayed under the calorie amount to lose 1/2 lb per week.

Well due to ‘E-Squared’ I am attempting an experiment where I can eat up to my ‘maintenance weight’ number of calories. The plan was to feel good about the food I eat and see if that effects my weight.

The thing is, I do not really feel bad about the food I eat often, so I do not know if this experiment will be effective.

So I came up with a new diet plan. Unlike the ‘E-Squared’ one I am going to continue counting calories because I do not want my weight to bounce back up when I allow myself to eat whatever. However, I will allow myself to eat up to a ‘maintenance weight’ amount of calories. Yet, it is perfectly fine to go under that amount of calories in a day.

This will create more of a natural flux in my diet. Instead of sticking to a program with varying amounts of calories each day to create a flex, my body would write this program. All the while I need to focus on feeling very good about whatever I end up eating. To really make sure I enjoy the food I eat and bless it.

Also every now and again there is going to be an Unlimited Calorie Day. A day I just do not count and eat whatever I want regardless of calories. I have not purposely taken such a day in my diet yet. Every day I set out to do so, I have picked the disciplined route instead.

Even on my vacation, I ended up counting calories no matter how much I felt like just eating whatever. Yes, I went over on two of the seven days, but I was mainly on track.

The thing is, now that we have smartphones, counting calories is not hard. I am still at the easy part of the diet where I have many calories to eat during the day. I will likely even end up counting on my Pizza Day, but I know for those with less weight it would be hard to stay under calories and be able to eat Pizza with Unlimited Toppings.

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