Abundance! Ninjas, Cream, and Hummus

Okay, okay. I have to cut my spending next month or find a roommate. I bought a Ninja Blender which can also be used as a food processor, dough mixer, and with creativity an ice cream maker. (With the ice cream I have to freeze the cream in ice cube trays before blending it and adding other ingredients. Or I can freeze fruit and blend it with cream.)

The thing is I wanted each of these kitchen items at one point or another when a recipe called for them. I saw the Ninja was at a new reduced price and eBay had a 20% Home and Garden item Memorial Day Sale.

So next week I am ordering delivery of lots of cream with my milk and yogurt. Yes, I found a place that not only treats its cows well but also offers home delivery once a week for $3, Calder Dairy.

I will freeze the cream in the baby food trays I got from Oxo. I had used the brand before but wanted a different color so that I would not confuse it with my ice cube trays. Because I used filtered water I needed to find the right tray for the water. If I used my cheap old ice cube tray, the ice would shatter. So I bought an Oxo with a cover. I am not sure why, but the ice from filtered water doesn’t shatter in it.

So I am ready to make low-sugar or natural sugar ice cream with things like Jaggery. I am now looking up Jaggery Ice Cream Recipes. For the recipe I linked, the last sentence would need to be modified. After the mixture has cooled overnight, I would pour it into Ice Cube Trays to freeze. Then, after they are frozen, I would transfer the Ice Cubes to the Ninja Blender and blend in the processor attachment. I would press Pulse 5 times and then turn on the smooth blending function and blend. (I based this off of a Ninja ice cream recipe for a similar product. I do not have the product yet to test.)

When the Jaggery liquid is in the Ice Cube form, I could also transfer it to a ziplock bag to store until I want to make Ice Cream. I could make little bits at a time as needed.


What I really wanted to make with the Ninja was Hummus. I have looked up a number of recipes, and only trial and error will teach me the best recipe. Hummus has a good amount of fiber (as it is made from chickpeas which are a bean.) I already have a really good Olive Oil waiting to be opened that could make a really good Hummus with the right touch. There is a Mediterean Resturant that sells Olive Oil from the Mediterean at a good price compared to how much a specialty store would charge for it.

Yes, talking to people in Ann Arbor leads to local connections on things like Calder Dairy and Olive Oil. I talk to strangers all the time. Apparently, there is also a man who sells honey on their front porch for an awesome price, sadly the person telling me about it could not remember what part of around town to drive to get that cheap local honey. Some day I will find you ‘cheap local honey seller.’


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    • There are many small stores and cider mills that open in Fall time. The small stores have a speciality each, some have good prices on their speciality and others up the price for the part of town they are located. There is a Farmers Market that is open when I am working, but it I think is open another day of the week too. But the vendors have to pay to be in the market so they up the price a little compared to this farmer near town with bee hives selling his own honey on the porch. There would be no bump in price for location. Yet maybe the Farmers Market is the best bet. They might be open (to a smaller extent) on a day I can get there.

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