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So what do you talk about on a New Age Blog when everyone is already divine and therefore just as wise as my most wisdom filled words?

I talk about my life. Currently a big focus is my weight loss goals. Now there are so many contradictory statements about weight loss that I also hold no greater wisdom than the average person.

You see the science of weight loss, in my view, is suffering from the illusion that every person’s body works the same way, but in reality what works for me, might not work for you.

This time, I have decided on a diet that consists mainly of eating a low enough amount of calories to lose 1 lb per week. At least in the beginning. I want to lose my weight in a slow process so that my skin has time to adapt to the weight loss. If 1 lb per week is too quick of a loss for my skin to adapt, I will change to 1/2 lb per week.

I want this diet to last a long time, I want it to be a slow enough process that my metabolism is not put into shock. I want to use the word and idea that I am on a diet to encourage myself to make healthier choices.

I do want to lose weight, but I intend to not focus on the weight. Therefore despite how much I am curious about if the diet is working, I am assuming that by eating the amount that the app MyFitnessPal encourages for 1 lb a week weight loss, I am moving in the right direction. I will only weigh myself once a month.

Therefore, my success will not be based on how much I lose, but by how I feel. I have noted that I feel better after being on a diet and making healthy choices even if I am a little hungry.

According to my diet knowledgeable sisters, fat can be a friend in weight loss. Eating certain fats in some studies has been shown to help a person lose fat. Healthy Fat is much more filling and keeps a person from eating excess Sugar/Carbohydrates. I, personally, have never had an issue with cholesterol so I feel safe testing this theory of eating more fat, but of the healthy kind.

I, however, am not completely avoiding Sugar and certain kinds of Carbohydrates like my sisters. I am not even completely avoiding processed foods. I want to live a lifestyle realistic diet. Not a extreme diet like G.A.P.S. or a raw food only diet. I want my diet to be healthy, but to not alienate any one part of the system.

It is true that the past belief that Fat makes a person Fat was not correct, but something is telling that in the future we will discover that the key to eating a balanced diet also does not exclude healthy Carbohydrates and even a little natural sugars like honey, agave. It is the highly processed Sugars that contain a lot of chemicals that are bad for a person.

I agree that the average person is eating a lot more Sugar than is good. The anti-sugar movement could provide relief from the hyper carbonated high fructose corn syrup society we grew up in. However, a great many artificial sugars are even worse for you than the processed sugar.

So what do I do? I try to find balance in a world of dieting extremes. I do not need to go from the extreme of obese to the extreme what some consider healthier overnight. I do not even believe that weight is what really makes a person healthy or unhealthy. What makes a person healthy is making healthy choices, which can be increasingly hard in a world of extremes.

I am taking the few facts I have never heard disputed.

  1. Fruits and Veggies are healthy
  2. Too much of anything is bad for you
  3. Walking is good for you
  4. Eating less calories than you burn causes weight loss
  5. Water is important to life

Perhaps I will learn other facts about health that go undisputed. Notice I choose walking and not exercise as there are people who are recommended to only do moderate to light exercise as heavy exercise can be harmful if you have thyroid issues.

I call my diet the Find Balance and Walk Naturally Diet. It will not lose me weight quick, but it might be such a relief to find balance that I want to stick with it.

What I am taking from the ‘Always Hungry’ book that I never read but two of my sisters have explained extensively to me, is that fat is not evil and will make you less hungry. It is okay to eat Pork, Bacon, and the Whole Egg.

Now I am recalling a 1950’s advertisement for Sugar that said Sugar gives you the most energy for the least amount of calories. Something we laugh at now a-days, but perhaps in a society that does not eat beyond the excess amount of Sugar each day, and has a high fat diet, Sugar can be used as part of weight loss. The people in the 1950’s certainly didn’t have the same diet we do today.

In fact scientists should do some studies into the foods people ate and how much back in the 1950’s. Why was the average American so much thinner? They too enjoyed processed foods. Was the 1950’s Campbell’s Tomato Soup different from the 2010’s?

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