What is the Core Message of Both Bashar and Abraham?

(As you will tell this is written for the Bashar-forum, but I felt I should share it here as well.)

I find Bashar and Abraham to be talking about to different approaches to the same result. Let’s look at this video on CBT and I will break down how Bashar teaches you to do this and how Abraham teaches you to do this.

Now Bashar would be all about the slowing down and seeing the negative belief so as to stop the cycle of negativity at its source. Remember the power you have to create your own Reality. Well, the video shows this process in motion.

ALL of us on this Forum have Negative Beliefs that are creating Cycles of increasing negativity in our view of reality. Otherwise, we would not be drawn to Bashar. Consequently, we have a group of people who are attempting to escape a negative belief cycle bouncing off one another and triggering one another. We are each other’s Mirror. Even if we don’t intend to offend when a person is viewing a situation from a negative belief set, we are triggering each other right and left.

Bashar is attempting to teach us how to get out of the negative cycle. To turn that belief around and sometimes the best way to do that is to do what you enjoy to do. We are Masters of Creation Creating Realities We Don’t Prefer.

Abraham is essentially trying to do with same thing, but instead of stopping the cycle at the Thought Process, she stops it at the Emotion. She encourages you to FEEL Good. To be in appreciation.

Both following you excitement and focusing on things that make you feel good/appreciation starts a Positive Cycle towards living a happy life.

So Both Channelers Darryl and Esther are channeling beings who are attempting to get us on Cycles of Positivity. A Cycle of Positivity is the key element in activating the Life you would WANT to live.

As someone who at a young age was singled out as having need of CBT, but who found the classes too boring. (Really, they were going over the right way to ask someone else to take out the trash. I knew how to ask someone to take out the trash.) Let’s face it, most CBT is designed like a Kindergarten class. So what did we as wonderful manifestors naturally attract?

BASHAR to entertain us through the CBT class. Others attracted Abraham who uses the motivator of MONEY to get people to sit through CBT.

Yet the real message they are trying to get us to listen to is summed up beautifully and simply in this video. THIS VIDEO IS THE CORE MESSAGE OF TWO EPIC CHANNELERS. This is the essential element you need to understand to stop creating a life you don’t like and start creating the life of your best dreams.

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