I am getting better… again


I normally have an iron immune system, but this winter has had some tough colds circulating. I take colds as a sign to rest, and rest I shall tomorrow. Something is making me withdrawal from the Internet. I am behind on a number of posts I would have normally read ASAP.

While resting early yesterday, I listened to a lot of Abraham Hicks on Youtube with my eyes closed in bed in order to keep my mind happy while my body got to focus on the healing. I think there are many truths in Abraham Hicks, but I do not think she is right about illness being the result of negative emotion. I feel that builds a trap where people are afraid to be upset least they get sick.

I like Matt Kahn’s view of illness more. That it is an excuse to make you rest while your body integrates new energies. So I am healing and integrating right now… again. My throat chakra is opening with all the coughing.

I do not know how much I will be posting this coming week, as I will be traveling. Not a far travel.

After listening to Abraham I have decided to daydream about my dream house. Yet, I am a little torn about if my dream house should be in Michigan on the lake or in Hawaii where I do not have to deal with harsh winter. If my dream house is in Michigan, I would need another dream house in Hawaii (or another warm location) for the winter.

Here are the features of my dream house.

  1. On beach or lake
  2. Lots of windows
  3. If in Michigan indoor pool for swimming in winter
  4. Wheelchair assessable enough that my Mother can stay in the house when she gets older. Or Healing technology for paraplegics discovered.
  5. Enough bedrooms to fit my family when they come to visit in Summer
  6. Garden or good size yard to put plants in
  7. Self-driving car for if Dream House is not magically Downtown somewhere
  8. Big fridge in kitchen. Lots of counter space and cabinets. Modern appliances.
  9. More than one set of Washers and Dryers in the laundry room. (To handle lots of clothes at once.)
  10. Craft room.
  11. Private Library in side room to put Tarot cards on bookshelves with altars and desk for readings. Also a big chair for using to browse the Internet. (My own private room with a door attached to my bedroom.)
  12. Big Library for my Mother to visit with Catholic altars and more mainstream books for visitors
  13. Big tub. Nice water pressure in the showers. Handicap assessable shower and bathroom for Mother
  14. Crystals

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