A trick for Bloggers to get more traffic for free


After writing the last post about Bashar, I wanted to share my post with a wider audience so I shared it with a Bashar Facebook Group I had been a member of a long time. I did not realize how much my views could increase from such a move. So my recommendation is to include Facebook but to go the extra mile to share your own self-written posts in those groups you are a member of as long as it is on the topic of the group. Try to find groups that are more inclusive of letting you post links to outside sources.

However, you are unlikely to get more followers this way. You are more likely to temporarily increase views of people who are not part of the WordPress community.

The growth of my number of followers seems to be a slow going process. There are certain ebbs and flows of getting new followers and losing some of them. Some blogs I follow have been ever increasing from just a few more followers than me to hundreds more. I remain too inconsistent in my writing style. I realize if I wrote about writing all the time or art, I tend to get new followers when I write on those topics. I am not driven to focus on those topics too long and often lose those followers later.


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