Bashar Communications Youtube Channel Down!



I noticed yesterday (or was it the day before) that Youtube had taken down the Youtube page of Darryl Anka.


The image says, “This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”

So apparently, Youtube is against channeling now. So perhaps it is time to find those Greener Pastures. (A less corporately run place to hold one’s videos.) In the comments of the Facebook Fan page of Bashar – channeled by Darryl Anka, someone suggested I don’t know if this will be the right place, but Youtube is owned by Google. They are on the top of the computing world and think they always will be. Yet now that they are stifling Free Speech, it might be time to migrate elsewhere.

The world Mainstream Media focus on how they are going to take down the “Fake News” problem on sites like Youtube and Facebook is actually just a cover up. The Mainstream Media and the Corporations that fund them are upset that their silence on the Dakota Access Pipeline did not result in the public being unaware of the protest. So they are trying to build a way to stifle the independent spread of news in the medias that the public commonly uses.

Facebook and Youtube, being part of the corporate world, are being forced to ‘handle’ this problem. The takedown of Darryl Anka’s channel is likely a side effect of the new formula they created to overcome ‘Fake News.’ I honestly do not believe Youtube would declare a war on channelers. If they did it is, even more, a reason to find a less corporately run video host.

You see the word ‘Bashar’ is linked to an individual with that name called Bashar Al Assad making the Youtube formula think that the repeated use of the word “Bashar” in the comments meant Darryl Anka’s channel was ‘Fake News.’

This is just my prediction, but as soon as the Mainstream Media started asking the everyday internet sites to take care of ‘Fake News’ I instinctively knew it was actually a war on Freedom of Speech. In complying with the requests of the Mainstream Media, Facebook and Youtube became limited in its usefulness for expression.

I will continue to be mentoring the sites to see if and when it is time for me to stop thinking about Greener Pastures and instead for me to go find them.

UPDATE: I do not have to defend what I write. If I want to go full out Guru or full out Conspiracy Theorist… I am writing it because I enjoy taking on that persona at the moment. If an actor plays a Villain do you question the actor if he was LOGICAL in the movie? I am a writer/artist. I take on personas sometimes when I am enjoying writing, just like an actor in a play. This was a post I wrote a while ago and I change every moment. You do not know me and do not assume anything about me based on reading a single post.

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  1. From what I gather it is not all that uncommon for YouTube to do this. It seems like a friend of mine had to make a new YouTube page years ago because they removed her channel. She just posted videos of herself singing and playing guitar. Don’t know why they would have removed it unless people reported her for doing cover songs. Which brings me to the point that it is very possible his page got removed because he got reported to YouTube for being deceptive by people who view mediumship channeling as deceptive. I suspect that YouTube doesn’t do a lot of inspecting on the reports it receives. They may just figure the site is problematic after it is reported so many times and then just give it a quick look before removing the channel.

    • Thank you for sharing. It does seem that many religious people consider New Age, Tarot Card Reading, Wicca, etc offensive. However, Youtube plays right into their hands by allowing any reports to limit the account or deactivate it. Therefore the Youtubers in minority cultures end up being taken down again and again. This is a problem Youtube has had for years and been unable to address. I don’t even think they care to address the problem. So finding a location where minority cultures do not have to deal with the persecution would be favorable.

  2. Yes, please leave and take your conflicting theories, channellers and revenue streams elsewhere. I’m fed up with nonsense flooding the internet – I’ve seen it all claimed since I ran a BBS in the 80’s and 1 or 2 posted similar on message boards.

    If hearing year after years of promises that “everything will change” or “ET will be landing soon” is your thing, more power to you, but don’t flood the general internet with this nonsense that everyone else manages to see through. Having your own private part of the internet for your stuff sounds like a fantastic idea.

  3. Just about the length of response I’d expect. There’s no real debate with reality is there? This stuff works really well when everyone is believing (and most importantly – paying in).

    I wonder how many people who do believe in Bashar would have thought years ago that they’d be accepting an “alien” giving them advice who just so happens to have a merchandising line and charges for the privilege to hear this “advice”.

    But then it makes perfect sense, an alien charging for its time, channelled by a person who used to work on the set of Star Trek

    If I’d known how easy it was, I would have been making a mint years ago. Oh well.

    Anka’s entry was taken off wikipedia (and some rather harsh words given). Youtube no longer runs with his “work”….a man who used to work on Star Trek and charges you to hear the advice of an alien…and you still don’t “get it”?

    This is why the believers of Bashar need their own separate place on the internet away from everyone else. Some people are just beyond reach.

    • I was saying Thank You for appearing in my presence for me to bless you. I was on my phone so could not give a lengthy blessing. Not that I am saying your experience isn’t valid, there are many experiences out there. I Thank You for caring about me enough to post on my page. I am honored by your insight and was once you. Everyone has different reasons why they would follow a certain teacher or teaching. As much as I would love for Disclosure it is not the end all be all. The reason I follow Bashar is because his concepts entertain my brain. There are other teachers who I follow because of how their word feel in my heart. Bashar has a bit more of a brain based teaching, but if he is not for you, I totally respect that. You are providing an invaluable service. For if someone is following a teacher for the wrong reasons, you might wake them up to that. In my view anyone and everyone is divine. Each is drawn to play their role in the divine order. I would have said “God Bless You” as I respond to those who tell me channeling is from the devil, but wasn’t sure of you position on God. I do try to keep such responses short as I do not want to get into the ‘my experience is more valid than yours debate.’ We each have are own view and our own reasons for acting the way we do. Thank you for sticking with what is true for your experience. May you find joy and happiness.

  4. Its no problem replying when one receives such like in kind. As for caring, I don’t know you at all, infact your identity is hidden so you could be anyone, rather difficult for any sort of emotional reaction to an anonomous name.

    That being said, you miss the point. Bashar info good for you? Well more power to you. The fact that his concepts do not need to be stretched into hours and could be explained in a couple of sentences means nothing to those that follow him and that’s fine.

    “I am honored by your insight and was once you” A little excessive to be “honored” and I’d personally hold no other in such high regard as to be honored, but so be it. You were once me? You don’t know who “me” is, you’ve never asked. I’ve given my text on Anka (and try to dispute any of it – like his Star Trek job or his merchandise line) – you won’t be able to.

    “Bashar has a bit more of a brain based teaching, but if he is not for you” – I have a Bsc in Quantum Physics (Heriot Watt University grad 1994) the trouble is, Bashar’s teaching cover none of that and his teachings are more an exercise in psychology, a degree I attained later in life. His “work” or claims do not hold any water in logical sentence let alone theory of anything.

    So lets get this straight, you follow the claims and teachings of a person who:

    Used to work in the Sci-fi movie industry.

    Charges people to listen to messages given to him for free by a claimed alien.

    A person who claims in the importance of bringing Bashar’s message to as many as possible then engages on a copyright campaign on social media.

    A person who even on his own website, won’t commit to Bashar being an alien, enlightened entity etc etc?

    This has nothing to do with either mine or your experience (the above). So after all that, you still think Bashar’s spaceship is above Sedona, coming closer to Earth the more enlightened the human race becomes? and not just a carrot and stick technique used to push a product line?

    As I say, believe whatever you want, but perhaps the question you should ask yourself about your own belief is this – if you are so sure you are right in whatever you believe, why would you chose to conceal your identity?

    I personally have no problems putting my name behind that which I believe. I also believe that since Bashar does not appear welcome on Youtube or Wikipedia (to name two so far) then perhaps a separate area for those who wish to believe and for him to sell to, should be created.

    The year everything changes is always next year and if we look at Anka’s predictions, we find vagaries – to the point where even David Icke seems more accurate and he believes the world is run by trans-dimensional evil lizards.

    And there’s your other trouble. Bashar may make a rant about a unified theory of meta-physics, shame there isn’t a unified theory between these channellers eh? If you’ve researched your topic in any depth, you’d see the massive contradictions between Hicks and Anka….and that’s just for starters.

    I have to give Anka credit though, he’s put a twist on LOA that gives his supporters a get-out clause for any difficult questions.

    • I conceal my identity because I write about having a Disability on this site sometimes and do not want my work to know I am Disabled. It has nothing to do with Bashar, but I do feel more freedom to write whatever I want without my name attached. I run a Bashar group in my area, I am not ashamed of Bashar. I have listened to about 3 Abraham Hicks books in full so far, I have more I intend to listen to later. I see no reason why there should be a Unified Theory among Channelers when there is no Unified Theory among people.

    • I didn’t answer completely so I will try a second to pick up some of the topics I overlooked the first time. I was not implying that you were not smart, but for me personally I feel my brain being activated by Darryl’s teachings a bit more than say the teachings of Abraham (who seems more feeling based.) It was a reflective statement. I said I was you once because I once was someone who would have used some logical statement to invalidate Bashar without really considering what he was saying. To me, LOGIC is overrated in Western Society and FEELING underrated.

      I was also once you, because based on the ‘All is One concept.’ At our base, humans are fundamentally the same no matter how different we seem on the outside. I am recalling Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice where the main character says, “Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed?” You can substitute any race or culture into the place where it says ‘Jew.’

  5. I can’t argue with the point you made about your disability and that’s your reason for hiding your identity.

    You don’t address though the points I make about Anka’s history or his merchandising line (a Bashar T-shirt eh? makes perfect sense an alien would give the thumbs up to that idea)

    I take exception to you continuing to push the “I was you” angle, since you are clearly not. Your admission of lack of knowledge on Hicks and the fact that you don’t know about the many discrepancies between what channellers are claiming their alien friends are saying. You clearly seem to have fixated on one Bashar, whereas I have been following these scheme’s since the 80’s and have amassed a knowledge of the majority of them.

    On a related note, don’t you think people would want these stories to be real? I certainly would, the idea of a spaceship hovering above Sedona waiting to bring enlightenment to humans would be a fantastic and amazing thing, however where we differ is that I don’t equate what I’d like to be true with what is true. If I did, Santa Claus would be real and we’d all live in a Babylon 5 spacestation.

    The all is one concept is true in that we are all human being and susceptible to the same emotions. Quite what Bashar and his spaceshop (sic) have to do with that is anyone’s guess, which leads me nicely on to the final points.

    “Follow your highest excitement” Bashar says – well duh, thats something we are all taught at a very early age and not from an ex-star trek workers “alien” and there’s where Bashar delivers “teachings” many times longer than they need, with “information” you already knew with the added twist on LOA in order to get around difficult questions. It won’t though answer the questions pertaining to his past employment or business model and I’d suggest thats why you don’t have an answer for them either.

    Lets suspend reality and say for one minute that Bashar really does have a spaceship waiting in orbit to land when the world is suitably enlightened… present time Bashar has around 6k of followers on Twitter, about 37K on Facebook and is no longer on Youtube. To put that into context, Doug the Pug has 5.5million followers on Facebook…it would seem on the basis of that, humans are at least 1000 years from being ready for a visit…oh if you don’t know Doug the Pug is a dog who wears different costumes for the entertainment of his fans.

    Of course I was saying the same things to people in the 80’s waiting for these promises from Channellers to manifest *pun intended…they are still waiting 30 years on. How long will you wait until you start to question things? Who knows, perhaps you won’t ever, but one prediction that will come true is that I will be able to return in 30 years time, say the same things to you because nothing changes in respect of these claims from Channellers.

    Ever wondered why the only thing linking these channellers is money and products? No? Well as long as people keep spending they will keep spouting and as long as you don’t ever look at the bigger picture and actually research yourself all the many claims, you won’t ask any questions. Happy days.

  6. One other point:

    I won’t embarrass you by talking about the diametrically opposed theories of Bashar and Hicks pertaining to manifest or shifting of universe as you mentioned yourself about your lack of research, but perhaps if you do research Hicks further we can have that talk, I’d be particularly interested to hear how a Bashar fan unifies both theories together.

    • I’d be interested in hearing in what way you think that Bashar’s and Abraham’s theories are “diametrically opposed” and since I don’t think it would be the least bit embarrassing to our Beautiful Flower, please elucidate.

      • As I do not think Tim is going to answer, I will answer from my own observations.

        Bashar encourages people to dig up negative beliefs and bring them to the light to see how illogical they are. Abraham encourages people to get to a state where they do not spend more than 15 seconds thinking of things that make them feel bad. To stay in the Vortex.

        Abraham says you need to attract good things to you through the action of deliberate thinking.

        Bashar says that the only thing keeping good things away from you is your negative beliefs. They are naturally attracted to you without effort.

        Even if they sound ‘diametrically opposed’ in their wording overall they have a similar message. Different words to teach the same thing which is to be happy and follow joy.

  7. PeaceNowFlower, you have the heart of a lion. 🙂 On a different subject: It’s good to see someone talking about the take-down of Bashar’s YouTube channel. My less-than-enlightened self is grieving terribly over this event, but my more enlightened self is struggling to remind the other part that everything happens for a reason, and that everything happens for the greater good…. I have relied heavily on the words of Bashar to lift me up when I am down, and perhaps this is a call to me and people like me to look within for our answers, our signs of hope, and our signs of connection to the universe…. It’s a little bit strange, how loud the silence is about the take-down, but maybe it’s because the place where people would generally congregate to talk about such things — Bashar’s YouTube videos themselves — aren’t there anymore. There’s no platform to express sadness about the disappearance of the videos… So thank you for being the rare place to think about this and talk about this and rally for some comfort around it……. Blessings to you. 🙂

  8. The article posted here goes into assuming WHY the channel was deactivated without knowing the facts. There are literally tons of You Tube channels that talk about Spirituality, Channeling, etc… So common sense would lead me to believe it had NOTHING to do with that.

    I am sure Basher is trying to resolve the issue, and we will see a new channel again soon.

    Of course I could be wrong, but YouTube is not against Spirituality – that is what Bashar’s channel represents. It had to be something else.

    • I write with the flow. I have trained myself to put aside the voice of doubt and write what comes to my mind. This is a writing exercise. I am not going to attempt to defend it because I fully know where the logic is faulty.

      However, people with spiritual channels on youtube (Who do things like read tarot cards) often end up with their channels disabled and this problem has been occurring for years. Kryon channeled by Lee Carol gave up on his youtube channel because of how many times it was blocked by youtube. Youtube has done nothing to prevent this from happening even if it is a recurring problem.

  9. I think bashars messages are meant to wake people up in a common sense way. He is not really into the cosmic foo foo things others are. That is why he wants you to think about what your doing and then act in a way that shows have knowledge .
    In recent years bashar no longer talks about conspiracy theories or health questions. Both are big subjects that people are making money off on the internet. He doesn’t want to feed into the fear . As far as copyright goes , he says it’s our laws. If you don’t like it change it. If something helps you then put your energy in it. If money is part of that help so be it.
    The reason he doesn’t confirm bashar is an alien is because it will take away from message. They don’t care about taking credit for what they say only you get the message. If it works for you use it. If it doesnt resonant with you then dont use it. Most people are too attached to the messenger not message. Case in point is Jesus, people praise him all over the world but how many know his true message?
    He has said it doesn’t matter if you believe what he says he would do it anyway.
    I spend more money at the movies then I do on bashar. He often says bashar claims he is an alien but since Darryl has no proof to provide he doesn’t make claims himself. Doesn’t that sound more reasonable and less like a person trying to lie to people?
    I dont find it strange that he was attracted to sci-fi in his work life. It would probably be more strange and suspect if he never liked scifi and then started to make money off something that he wasn’t attracted too. Athletes become broadcasters because they have knowledge of the subject .
    One reason channels have different views and messages because the message is coming through a human filter and that can be misinterpreted or the person may not be fully letting the entity through so the message is not clear.
    Also recently bashar has stated that there is a splitting of reàlity. So people who spend time trying to convince others of their truth don’t believe in the power of their truth. Truth and real power doesn’t need to convince anyone . Plus your truth is yours it doesn’t necessarily have to be truth for everyone.
    I dont think he is making tons of money like other self help gurus out there. If people followed even a few of his principles it would be a different world for sure.

  10. If it’s all because of “fake news” and or/ new age channels, youtube would have taken down many huge channels and many “abraham hicks” channels :p
    I think that’s not the reason

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