Let me try  to think of what to write about. I tried writing about being tired but that only made me even more sleepy. I have been walking around the desk and sipping tea to wake myself up. Now the picture is much more appropriate. Only I would say it s a cool fire and not a blazing one.

Okay, so many dreams last night once I did get to sleep. I do not remember what they were about yet it somehow felt like I was using the dream state to activate my manifestation power.

Many are reporting the last two days as energy waves, which is New Age speak for occurrences like the Schumann resonance being double what was considered the high resonance in 2014. Perhaps there was Solar activity or something too. There are people who follow the Solar waves and Schumann resonance (and likely other things) to tell us that those who are sensitive to such energies are going to have increased symptoms.

My most common symptom to the peaks of energy waves is difficulty sleeping. Talking along such a line is getting me sleepy again. So we will overlook the underlying sleepiness I feel.

You know a person takes a job seriously when they have never EVER called in sick. Last week I was working with a cold, this week I am working on little sleep. Will it ever make a difference in the hiring policy? I don’t know. From work’s perceptive I could have been up all night partying.

My system does not seem to be agreeing with the coffee I had. It has been so long since I had coffee my body is not used to it. Over and out.

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