The Most Common Artist/Writer Sickness


I guess this sickness seems to be caught by more of humanity than just the Creative types, yet being considered a Creative type I have felt from that viewpoint. It is that nagging question, “Am I really good enough?” As I write my draft this question is not supposed to come up until later.

Yet, as the process of creation gets more involved, I begin to doubt my skills. Here I am the adult version of a child who wanted to write their whole life, and every time they started they gave up without finishing during the drafting phase. I have built up the stories within me, instead of sharing them.

I lack the same practice in Fiction as I have in Blogging. I have tackled many topics on my Blog and strengthened my writing muscle. If I do not start practicing write drafts and following through to the end, I can never strengthen the muscles used in that style of writing.

Honestly, I do not know if I am good at Fiction or not. So the question of “Am I any good?” Enters my mind. Yet, honestly, no matter how many likes, or how much attention by drafts receives, those things will not make that question go away.

I excelled at Art School, receiving praise for my ‘Concepts.’ I was a deep thinker, but I did not really believe I was actually a good artist. It seems I have been gifted with a powerful mind, and the way I have trained myself to best express it is in Blog posts.

In few arts is the process of creation as drawn out and long as that of writing. One really gets to experience bringing the basic idea of a story into form.

I was watching Bashar talking about Creation and was suddenly inspired with an idea on a topic to post on. I am really sorry if I have been posting too much lately. I am in Writing mode I guess.

According to Bashar and many N.D.E.’s the process of Creation is so fast as to be instantaneous in other realms. I am thinking that some of the greatest Creators in the Universe come here to experience a long drawn out process of Creation.

I am focusing on one of the longest Creation processes available on Earth. A story that brews all your life, idea after idea added to the mix. Held back and brewing until the moment that I am strong enough to overcome the Artist/Writer Sickness of being good enough.

The only way to defeat this sickness is to learn to write like no one is looking. To learn to write for yourself.

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