Delay in Chapter 3! Yet, you can read what I have so far if you want…


While I was writing Chapter 3 it suddenly dawned on me that I had not checked the mail. I did not know if the chai I was going to make chai concentrate with had arrived. That way I could set up the slow cooker, make chai concentrate and write at the same time. (I like multitasking.)

Well, another package arrived. I had discovered that Darryl Anka’s older channellings were a lot cheaper than the new, so I invested in many to review (for my Meetup Group.) I need to watch these channelings ASAP so I can decide which to show in my next Bashar Meetup and get the Meetup posted.

I will therefore not be able to complete Chapter 3 today like planned. One thing is for sure, I am glad I am just writing a draft, a great deal of me feels I need to get to more action scenes. It is taking much longer to built up the story to action than I had thought it would. I can fix that in the editing. I was just getting to a Kpop inspired scene of music and dancing with this video as my muse.

I have briefly talked about ‘bands’ in the building up of the story. I was just about to revel a bit more about the ‘band’ concept which takes inspiration from groups like 4Minute, 2NE1, and BLACKPINK.

I might be too tired tomorrow to write, so Chapter 3 will need to be delayed until sometime next week. If you want to read the part I managed to write today… it is below, but be aware it cuts out in the middle of the Chapter. It is a kind of sudden stop.


Chapter 3 (so far)

When she had arrived above the tavern she dropped down to ground level. She pulled out her computer again from thin air and selected an outfit. The clothes around her transformed from everyday sensible flying clothes that usually included a top tied around the neck and an exposed back to make room for wings. She selected a partying outfit of blush pink pants and matching white and pink top. She fixed her wing blown hair and did not need to put on make-up as Sprites naturally looked like they were dressed up. Lori looked a bit more human than the average Sprite, but that was part of her curse after all.

The tavern, Galdor, was called a tavern due to it wood frame. Inside were metal columns covered with wood to hold the tall skyscraper that had been built on top of it. Instead of tiring down the old city, skyscrapers were just built on top. It was a way to move forward and preserve the past. The center of the City of Coimheach on the ground level was more of a historical site; Galdor Tavern had once been the biggest building in the Old City. A place where banquets were cooked in the kitchen in eaten in celebration while on the stage Human’s played their instruments.

If she were working today, Lori, would been to match the old architecture. She walked inside the historical site where Human had been eating, drinking and celebrating at the long wood tables, while watching entertainment since what Lori assumed would be the Middle Ages based on the architecture. The building was maintained by magic to be just as solid as the day it was built.

“Looking a bit skinny Lori,” said the owner Martin Hamps from behind the bar near the entrance. “Don’t they feed you at that school of yours?”

“I missed Lunchtime and only ate an apple all day,” said Lori.

Martin held out his hand and a plate of poultry and greens appeared out of nowhere. He placed it on the bar, “Eat, we don’t want people saying I don’t pay you enough for you to get food. What is on your mind that you would have forgotten to eat?”

“I want to forget about it and just watch the show.” The bar was almost completely empty, and Lori was wondering why when she saw Diablo sitting at the far end near the wall. People had been too scared to be near her. Diablo was wearing a pale blue dress with cartoonish ducks with music notes coming from their mouths. The bottom puffed out and ended above the knees. She had long white stockings with bows coming up to her knees, her hair in curly pigtails and a matching small blue hat with ribbons and lace.

“Diablo! Come seat by me,” said Lori.

Diablo jumped down from the stool and Lori noticed her accessories of a big white lace umbrella with blue bows, and dolly shoes of Jet Black as she walked over to her. Martin decided it was time to be elsewhere and the music started as Diablo took a seat next to the eating Lori.

“I like your dress. When I’m done we should find a space closer to the stage,” said Lori.

“I think it is best if I enjoyed things away from the crowd. I do not want to hurt businesses. I designed the cutest dress I could think of in my clothing-designing program, and still everyone is afraid of me. Yet, I am up to the challenge. I just am not cute enough yet,” said Diablo opening her umbrella to hide beneath it.”

“You will conquer your curse, through I do not know why yours is so much harder than mine,” said Lori.

“I am just glad that you can see me without being afraid. I do not know what I would do if everyone were afraid of me.”

Someone on stage had started using voice-magnifying magic. Lori turned and saw it was Martin.

“The Judges have decided on last night’s winners. They will be preforming tonight based on a random order to see which take the number one spot,” said Martin.


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