Waiting for the quiet hours: Talk about Writing Draft of Book


I have decided to create a new experience reading, for those who are interested. I plan on continuing with Blog posts throughout the writing process and doing artwork for my site. In such, I will record like never before, the process of writing a book. Hopefully, this will attract an audience for the book before it is ever self-published.

I think self-publishing will be best because otherwise after finding a publisher who is interested in me, I would have to cut off the postings of the book until it is complete. This book is not about the final product until the final product is produced. I might have to write up drafts for several books in order to create an interest in my writing. Honestly, I am best at the Blogging style of writing, and a newbie at Fiction writing. I have been putting off the Fiction part because I was afraid I was not good enough to capture my imaginings with the justice of what they felt like to me.

You see I daydreamed often as a child and at some point, I stopped. It was not until I was sleeping 16 hours a day and drugged up on too much medication that the memory of my childhood daydreams returned to me in a dream. In order to get through my dark night of the Soul, I started daydreaming again. I picked up what I could remember of the original storyline and evolved it into an adult’s perspective.

The beginning of introducing Lori (where she wakes up by a river) was also based on a dream I remembered from my childhood. As I child I read many books, but never dreamed I was in the story. Yet one night, I dreamed I woke in a field in Middle Earth and meet many elves. I was so happy to be dreaming I was in such a wonderful story as the Lord of the Rings that I kept the beginning of that dream in my memory all these years.

Right now, I am waiting until later at night, when I know I will not be interrupted to focus on the rest of the chapter. I think I will change my routine tomorrow and spend my day off writing instead of going to Downtown Ann Arbor.

I am just now debating if I should order in Pizza tomorrow, or if I should start thawing the chicken to cook tomorrow.

As for those of my readers who are more interested in my New Age posts instead of my Fiction writing. I will try to find a balance. I am totally not offended if you decide that you want to wait until the final product to read my book.

There is a story inside me and I need to get it out no matter what my skill level at writing is. If I do not ever complete this story in my life and I spend my life writing drafts and edits. I write the drafts than so that someone skilled in the areas I am not, who is maybe talented in writing, but not as gifted as me in imagination can be inspired to finish what I have started. At which point I would read it in the afterlife.

So right now I am in the draft phase where reviews and feedback can wait till later. It is getting closer to the time I will be uninterrupted. While I am skilled at being interrupting in writing Blog posts and recovering where I stopped, I might need to practice a bit more at fiction before I reach that state.

You see Blogging uses the same thought process as talking, and we naturally alternate between sharing and listening in talking. Fiction requires a deeper immersion into a different world, where interruptions can end the flow.

Thank you, everyone, who has liked my Draft.

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