Universe Beyond: Y Ddraig Gosh: Chapter One (Cont) and Chapter Two


You can find the Introduction and Beginning of Chapter One Here.

Chapter One (Cont)

Richard Green paused to look around the classroom, “Before I continue are there any questions?”

Lori had been having associations she could not understand throughout the lesson. She had been living on Y Ddraig Gosh after being handed over to an orphanage by the demi-gods and they had seemed so pure. It seemed like a world with of prosperity. Yet, every fiber of her being reminded her of words like Racism when she did not even completely know what that word meant.

She had always been taught that the demi-gods were wise and loving that they gifted the world with the Abundance that allowed everything to thrive. She hesitantly raised her hand.

“What is your question Lori?” said Ms. Margot.

“How could the demi-gods play with species as if they were not more than a scientific experiment?” asked Lori.

Richard Green who had been dimming the fire of blazing anger seemed ready to erupt.

“What right does a disguising Sprite have to question the demi-gods? What they did was right and just. The angels were an egotistical, thankless lot. They looked not to the demi-gods in praise but saw themselves as worthy of as much divine attention even in their lowly form. Angels have not changed one bit, except to increase in perversion by reproducing with no more respect for the action than a lot of incestuous insects.”

“She is young and foolish. She will learn in time,” said Ms. Margot.

“I do not know that kind of trash you teach at this school, but I will request this school be reviewed. This… Lori seems as impetuous as an Angel.” And with that Richard walked out of the door in quite a rage.

Ms. Margot stared at Lori for a second. “Lori Fox. I am going to have to send you to the principle with a note. You arrived late for school, but now you will have to be dismissed for the time until we contact your parents. I am going to recommend that you spend the time reflecting at the Temple of ‘Brug. We will contact the Monks at the Temple and advise them to talk with you.”

“Yes, Ms. Margot,” said Lori both disappointed to miss dancing class and embarrassed are her own sinfulness. She was already reflecting on the unfounded mistrust she had in the lesson Richard was teaching. Perhaps it wasn’t radical or skewed towards hatred.

She walked slowly and solemnly toward the roof of the school. Once she was on the roof she was upset to notice all the Sprites flying above. She had hoped for once no one would be around. Her stomach was now far too hungry to ignore.

She put out her hand and a screen appeared in it. She used her mind to navigate through the options until she reached Inventory>Food. She had but one food item and would have to create more soon. She selected Apple and manifested the stored energy of an Apple she had picked during a trip to an orchard. It took a lot less magical energy to grow an apple naturally than to manifest it from nothing, as the tree did most of the work for you. She was young and did not yet have enough energy built up in her chakras to waste it creating gourmet meals.

Lori knew a single apple would not hold her over for too long, but she was too upset to eat much. Sprites tend to get skinny when they are upset as they have trouble eating and start living off magical energy to maintain life force.

Lori then manifested a navigation watch to wear on her flight to the Temple of ‘Brug that was built into a distant mountain.


Chapter 2

Soon the city was behind her and forest could be seen below. The busy sky became empty; few except Monks visited the Temples for most considered it safer to visit small shrines as opposed to the chance of offending a demi-god. Ms. Margot had also picked one of the most distant Temples of the most unpopular of demi-gods.

Lori flew as fast as her wings could carry her, for though she could never find a band to enter the competitions at her workplace, she did not want to miss the winners. No matter how upset she was, even if she did not work that night, she was not going to miss the party. She would forget about the day watching the music and performances.

The mountains became closer and Lori soon needed to fly higher in colder air to overcome with massive height. The tops became white with snow and a human would have quite a climb to conquer them. Lori felt her magic being used slightly to maintain the effort of flying with such thin air. Then there was a valley deep and green with a large lake in the center into which a waterfall fell from a high mountain above. The navigation told her to slow, and as she looked closer at that tall mountain she saw a temple of wood painted red with steps leading to it. She was reminded of a Tibetan Temple. Though for the life she had no idea what Tibetan meant. It might be best for her to stop analyzing where her strange associations came from and start rejecting them. If she had rationally rejected them, she would be in dance class by now.


Lori landed at the entrance to the Temple of ‘Brug, giant golden doors with figures of dragons and Humans bowing to the dragons stood closed. She was unsure as to if she could open them. A small wood gatekeeper’s home, however, was to the side of it. A reasonable smaller door of wood also painted red seemed more promising. Lori knocked on the smaller door and heard the echoing sound of her knock bounce off the room inside and resonate around the mountains. She might have been a horrible singer, but her ears were exceptional. She could hear the bird flying around the mountain and the gentle wild roar of the waterfall as the wind at such a high altitude rush past far from gently.

The door creaked as it opened on what must have been old rusty hinges, a bald human male in robes of orange smiled benevolently at Lori. “Pilgrim, you have flown far. Come and have a cup of butter tea to warm up from the chilly mountain air. For you must be Lori, whom I am told needs some instruction in the grace of the demi-gods. We received a message from your school and reading things over, we have decided you need to spend more time in the mountain air. We are far from your Conventional Temple. We guard the entrance to the cave of the dragons where the demi-god ‘brug shifts between dragon and humanoid form. We have been here since before the world was locked away from the others.”

The monk in orange when to a small stove in the small room. The whole gatekeeper building appeared to be this single room. Not much was on the walls, his bedding was neatly folded in a corner and the only decoration was an integrate thick rug of many colors on the floor. The monk set two mugs of ceramic on the floor and sat behind one of the mugs.

“Seat young one and drink. I want to get to know you,” said the monk.

Lori sat on the floor beside the mug. This butter tea smelled horrible to her.

“Umm, what do you want to know about me?” asked Lori.

“Who are your parents? Do you have siblings?”

“I do not officially have parents. At the age of 5, I was taken to an orphanage in the City of Coimheach. Once I was old enough to be productive a family of humans on a small farm adopted me and taught me how to use magic to better grow crops. They saw that I had great chakra energy for my age and would likely grow up to be very helpful. Yet, I missed Coimheach and wanted to go to school. They would not pay for my schooling, so I found a job a tavern of Coimheach to cover the cost. The people who adopted me do not see me as family and have not children of their own.”

“Let me teach you a secret,” said the monk. “There is great power in the way one’s story is told. There is the disempowering way to share your experience and the empowering way. If you said instead that at the age of 5 your talents were recognized by two farmers who took you in and taught you the skills you needed to survive and allowed you to follow your dream of learning more, how then would your story sound different?”

“There is nothing wrong with expressing my experience the way I have felt them,” replied Lori.

“When you change the way you look at your life and your history. You have the power to transform the way you perceive everything that happens to you after.”

Lori could think of no reply. But thought this monk was far too spiritually based and far too little reality based.


The monk continued, “Sometimes silence is the best answer. When you recognize it is time to seat in silence, it shows you have wisdom deep within you. Many throw rejection towards such new ideas and do not reflect to consider their significance. Let us exist in the space of reflection together.”

“Wisdom? Why are you not rejecting me for my words about the demi-gods, don’t you serve one?”

“I believe that you draw an insightful conclusion from the information that was likely offered you by a member of that society. What they told you of was so long ago, that the exact motivation behind the demi-gods actions is forgotten by most.”

“Yet, they walled off this world to keep everyone out. What motivation could they have for doing that?”

“Let me remind you, that the demi-god is not the same as the gods or the God. Each step down means that they hold more moral errors. In this Universe, the demi-gods are young and have been causing trouble for the Humans in their feuds. As they formed the Humans in their own Labs to be less in power than the Angels. They want to keep the knowledge of true power from them. They try to maintain the divide between Humans and the other species so the Humans remain dependent on them.”

“You worship a demi-god do you not?” asked Lori.

“We at the Temple of ‘Brug do not worship, but serve. Each demi-god is different, but ‘Brug was not among the troublemakers. She protects the secrets of the Light Body for when Humans have grown wise enough to inherit their power.”

“Why are you telling me this? Don’t you want to hide the secret?” said Lori who did not know what to think about this new information.

“There is no need to hide, for we need to be seen when a Soul is ready to begin their path. You were sent here for a reason. Know that you will always be Welcome at this Gatehouse. Yet, it is not yet time for you to enter the Temple.”

“Will you tell my school I have reflected enough? The words you speak are pure blasphemy. You are worse than me.”

“If you ever find yourself in a spot with nowhere to turn, the Temple stands strong defended and waiting,” replied the monk as he sipped the butter tea.

Lori had not stopped to taste the tea and she was not going to waste any more time talking. She left the Gatehouse and grew out her wings. She would have to fly fast to make it to the party, and there she would forget about this strange place.

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